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17 – Projects

Obviously, I forgot to post yesterday.  I was too engrossed in my book "Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins.  Whole series was fab and an emotional roller coaster.  READ IT!

Ok, back to the original topic "Projects"

boy, do I have projects!  Crafty ones, home improvement ones, self improvement ones, financial ones…

I’m just going to make a list, as that’s all my brain is good for right now…


Crafty Ones:

Nizzy’s sweater
Celtic Summer
MM99 Ornament Exchange
Ornament for Christina
Advent Calendar for the Widget
New straps for my red dress
Opening the arm holes on my dress from C&M’s wedding
The top & pants set from the summer item I wanted to make (bought all the shit, might as well DO it)
FINISH The Widget’s baby book!
Scrapbook MORE
Make more holiday cards (my ones for this year are pretty much done…I mean for all the other card-worthy holidays and birthdays)

Home Improvement Ones:

Fix up the craft room
Move furniture around
Fix up the playroom
Re-do the living room
Re-do the downstairs bathroom
Rip out the front gardens?  (maybe just "clean them up" a bit)
Fix the ceiling in the dining room

Self Improvement Ones:

Lost 10 pounds (to start)
Start doing Yoga
Walk more
Stress less
Get better sleep
Be a better mommy (I’m a good one, I want to be GREAT!)
Get more organized (and stay that way)
Take pride in my appearance

Financial Ones:

Save more
Spend less
Pay down the debt
Finish the plan for the future
Call S back
Adjust my TSP contributions

WOW!  I have a LOT of projects and I *know* I forgot to include some.  But that’s what this blog entry is for…to keep a record of things and monitor activity.  I can always add things later (when/if I remember).

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