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30 – Maintenance

The humans are doing well.  Everyone is pretty healthy.  My aunt is status quo, but I try not to think about her much (OUR relationship needs work, which I’m afraid will only be positive when she’s no longer a daily part of my life).

Chi Chi finally went to the vet on the 22nd.  Got his usual boosters and his rabies shot.  He scratched and bit the vet this time around.  He’s NEVER done that before!  I was mortified.  She wasn’t worried (thankfully they KNOW he’s healthy) he did it because she reached in the cage after him and it was a normal defensive reaction, but I’m still upset.  Chi Chi never pulls the claws out on anyone, let alone bites them!  Poor kitty must have been scared 😦  Cross your fingers Tiger is better behaved (he goes this Saturday).

The house seems to be in pretty good order.  I do need to change the filter on the heater tho.  I’ll do that this coming weekend  (this one is pretty much over and I don’t feel like going out now).  I need to read the user guide for my dishwasher and see what maintenance is needed on it.

30 – Maintenance

Well, I know I need to probably change the filter in my heater.  Hopefully I’ll remember to stop at Home Depot on my way home today.  Cross your fingers…

I just had the oil changed in my car, so that’s good until February.

I think I need a new filter in my fridge (in door ice/water)…add THAT to the Home Depot list.

I should probably take out all the User Manuals for all my appliances/electronics and set up some sort of schedule.  Been meaning to do this for YEARS!  I know I’m not the only person in the world who doesn’t follow the User Manuals to the letter, but seriously, that information is given for a reason and I should pay attention to it.

What else needs maintenance?

Certainly there’s medical maintenance (for us and the animals).  The humans are in a holding pattern, but I do need to make a vet appointment for Chi Chi (due for his shots).  I shall call today to set it up.  Hopefully it won’t break the bank (vet visits are insanely expensive, multiply by 5 and it’s downright scary!)

Oh well, that’s about all my brain is good for right now (maybe I need to add THAT to my maintenance list!?).  See ya tomorrow (for the next entry).

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