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Bringin’ Back the 31

I’ve been VERY neglectful of my 31 Things these past (passed?) few months, but I’m still getting my head above water after my aunt dying and Jake’s surgery follow-ups, so, I’m cheating today.

1 is HOBBIES for me, so I’m going to post links to my hobby journal, Creatively Motivated (that I share with the lovely and talented [info]nizzynizz )

Update on Celtic Summer
Meme I did on Organization

I may make this a habit (linking to the craft journal).  I’ve done a lot of crafty stuff lately, and it seems silly to double-post.  AND we’d like more visitors to the craft blog so…(and please, if you DO stop by, comment so we can stop hearing crickets!).

Keep your eye on this spot for more entries and a revised 31 Things!  🙂

01 – Hobbies

Ok, where was I? :

Cross Stitch:  Haven’t touched it.  Want to order the beads first, because I think beading while stitching will make it less of a chore.
Scrapbooking:  Haven’t touched any of that either.  But the plan is to work on at least scrapping the xmas cards I got this [past] year.
Crochet:  I have finished one side of the sweater!  YAY!  need to do a fitting with [info]nizzynizz.  Garland never got made.  :-/
Jewelry Making:  Only made the one holiday bracelet, but maybe I’ll work on a few more.  We shall see.
Card Making:  Made 95% of my holiday cards.  Need to make a birthday card for my Aunt (her bday is tomorrow).
Rubber Stamping:  Did it with the holiday cards.  No plans for immediate future
Sewing:  Have NOT made the outfit, but have made TWO cast covers for Gimpy.  One fleece, the other water-proof.  Plans to make another fleece, just so there can be one in the wash and one for use.  Also plan to make some pillow covers for some big pillows I bought for my bed.
Quilting:  Haven’t done one.  Nizzy wants one, I’d like one and I considered making one for my baby nephew, but have heard it may not go over well, so fuck it.
General Crafting:  Nothing on the horizon…as yet, but may try to be a little creative with some rattan baskets that I have 😉
Reading:  Need to find and begin reading the next book for our book club (Name of the Wind?)
Home Improvements:  Oh, there’s a lot to be done here.  The desk will have to be put on hold.  I think I’ll work on the kitchen and maybe putting the damn frosted glass stuff on the bathroom windows.

Ok, so what progress have I made?

Cross Stitch:  I’ve made some progress.  Will have to take a picture, but I actually have the top completed (save beading) and you can actually read the word "SUMMER"  🙂
Scrapbooking:  STILL haven’t touched it.  However, I will need to soon.  I plan to go to our yearly scrapbooking retreat and that means I need to get my caca together so it will be a productive and fun trip.
Crochet:  DID do the fitting with Nizzynizz.  Need to take out a few rows and then I can start on the other side!  YAY me!
Jewelry Making:  Nada
Card Making:  Done nothing.  Want to make Valentine’s cards…need to get cracking if that’s going to happen…cross your fingers (but don’t hold your breath).
Rubber Stamping:  again, NADA
Sewing:  Have done NOTHING, but purchase fabric.  Wanted to make pillow covers for some big pillows on my bed.  I’ve only washed the fabric so far.  Haven’t even ironed it, let alone measured it or cut it.  SLACKER!
Quilting:  Still nothing…just no mojo
General Crafting:  Really have not been in crafting mode.  That needs to change.
Reading:  Finished the book club book.  It was fantabulous!  Can’t wait for the next one (discovered it’s the first in a trilogy).  Also read No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I *heart* those books (Dark Hunter/Were Hunter/Dream Hunters)
Home Improvements:  I DID the frosted windows for the bathrooms!  Go me!  I also moved some furniture and re-arranged some dishware.  I’ve purchased the new filter for my heater, but I need to actually install it.  I want to paint and redecorate my living room.  Who wants to help?  :-p

Seriously tho, I think my hobbies are becoming sleeping, bitching and computer-ing.  I don’t really like those hobbies.  They need to go!

1 – Hobbies

I’m a day late…


Oh, I do love me my hobbies.  I love the planning, the execution…finishing…eh…but I do love a finished product.

I’ve made quite a few things this year (mostly in the last few months!)

I used to be a big crafty person, but it fell by the wayside many moons ago, as there was SO much to do. I’ve just gotten back into them recently.

I have so many hobbies:

Cross Stitch
Jewelry Making
Card Making
Rubber Stamping
General Crafting
Home Improvements (Yes, I consider this a hobby!)

And more that I just can’t think of right now.

I’ve got several projects in-progress right now…

Cross Stitch:  Celtic Summer.  Haven’t touched her in a while.  Will need to take a picture and post and update
Scrapbooking:  STILL working on Jake’s baby book; an xmas album and Jake’s school albums
Crochet:  Working on a sweater for  and some garland for the holidays
Jewelry Making:  just some holiday bracelets right now
Card Making:  holiday and birthday cards
Rubber Stamping:  done in conjunction with the Card Making
Sewing:  Have an outfit in the making and a cast cover to design for Gimpy
Quilting:  Haven’t done one in a while, but Nizzy would like another one 🙂
General Crafting:  Made ornaments for two exchanges
Reading:  Just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and walking around with Bridge To America by Linda Glaser
Home Improvements:  Need to rearrange some furniture and thinking of tearing apart and then rebuilding the desk I made a few years ago.

Like I don’t have enough to do in my day-to-day life!  LOL  But without my hobbies, I don’t think I’d stay sane.

Keep your eyes on this space, cuz I’ll post some pictures of each project (hopefully) later today.

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