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Big issue for me.

I have some health issues, but nothing life-threatening (that we know of).  However, I want answers.  And that means being a bit of a pit bull and demanding they be found.  I’ve had a pain/discomfort in my right armpit for over 3 years now.  It feels like there is a tennis ball stuck in there.  Bras irritate it.  Clothing irritates it.  But nothing can be found.  I’ve had blood tests.  I’ve had all manner of docs look (GP, orthopedist, chiropractor, gynocologist).  I’ve had MRIs.  I’ve had x-rays.  I’ve done physical therapy.  Nothing seems to help or give any clues.  I’m pretty sure, if it was cancer, it would have shown up AT LEAST in my bloodwork in the last 3 years.  However, I’d like a biopsy or PET scan.  Hell, even an ultrasound! 

As there’s no "lump" I’m not sure what kind of biopsy could be done.  However, a PET scan would definitely show signs of cancer.  And an ultrasound might be able to identify if it really IS what everyone is thinking.  The currently theory is a pinched nerve.  Unrelated to the pinch in my cervical spine (we won’t even GO there right now).  There is a bundle of nerves that goes over your clavicle and down under your armpit.  However, this bundle passes through some muscle.  So the potential for a pinch is quite high.  However, I can’t find ANYTHING to do for it.  Granted, I’ve gained a LOT of weight (close to 60 pounds) in the last 3 years.  However, I’m not sure if it’s causing the pinch or if it was caused BY the pinch.  And I don’t mean I’ve got a 60 pound tumor in my armpit.  I mean, it hurts, so I don’t do nearly as much as I used to, add the pinch in the cervical spine, and I’ve been terrified of doing much of anything (besides walking).

I used to take Krav Maga.  I *loved* it.   It helped with my temper.  It made me stronger (physically).  It gave me back my body.  And it made me feel safer.  I could finally, really defend myself…and those I loved.  And I didn’t need a weapon to do it.  *I* was the weapon.  But it’s an extremely physical art and with the pinch in my cervical spine (and the money involved in paying for classes!) I’ve been afraid to take it up again. 

However, a friend pointed out that maybe I NEED to start taking it again (or some other type of martial art).  To build up the muscles in my neck and shoulders.  If I strengthen my muscles and train then to work properly, I might alleviate most, if not all, of my issues.  But right now, it’s a Catch-22.  I’m in pain.  Some days, it hurts to just get dressed.  But I refuse to let the pain win.  So, I start slowly.  I go for walks (not consistently *sigh*) in the evenings.  I’ve bought a yoga DVD (which I have yet to use). 

I need to actually start doing something.  Yes, I’ve "started", but the "doing" hasn’t really happened yet.  I need to figure out the best time of day for me to do everything, to get it all in and not feel rushed or pressured.  The evening is really the only time I can do my walks.  But I’ve got a very narrow window of time.  Between getting dinner, helping with homework and helping Gimpy shower.  Now, after Wednesday, Gimpy can shower himself (he’ll be in a walking cast, so he’ll be able to stand in the shower *YAY!*), so I can’t use that as a limitation anymore.

Yoga, I’d like to start doing in the mornings…Whenever I’ve done it, I’ve felt energized and ready to do anything.  So, morning seems like the most logical time.  However, and I need to double-check running-time, I’d need to get up an hour earlier in the mornings (we’re talking 4:30 – 5:00!)  Which translates into an earlier bed-time, for me (and consequently, Gimpy).  I don’t like going to bed before him, but I CAN trust him to go to bed when he’s supposed to.  I just don’t like NOT being the last one up to bed.  I like making sure all the doors are secure, cats have food and that the place is picked up a bit.  (Lately, that’s all gone to hell, but that I chalk up to the exhaustion I’ve felt…and THAT I KNOW is due to my cycle and the anemia it causes – and that I SUCK at controling).


I am going to focus on walking every night this week.  6 pm.  Even if my walking partner can’t do it, I’m going to try and walk on my own.  No, not TRY, DO (damn it, now I’ve got Yoda in my head).

Next week, I’m going to get up at 5 am and start this yoga deal.  I’m going to open the package and at least review the DVD (this week) so I can get an idea of what types of positions are utilized and how long the actual work out is.

No, I won’t do both this week because I know me and either I’ll forget to do one, or completely burn myself out and not do any.

Baby Steps.

(great, now FlyLady is hanging out with Yoda in my head.  It’s getting kinda crowded in here…)

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