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25 – Good Deeds

I can’t really say I’ve done any noteworthy "good deeds" lately.

*giggle* originally wrote "good DEADs"…haven’t done any of THEM either 😉


I’ve had good deeds done for me tho.

I was strapped for cash this week (got paid the day AFTER Thanksgiving). Not only did my friend help me prepared Thanksgiving Dinner, she helped pay for it too. I *heart* her 🙂

Another friend let me borrow a pie pan to make a pie.

Another friend invited me to her house for turkey day.

My aunt’s nurse made me homemade iced tea.

My aunt bought The Widget and I dinner Wednesday night.

I’ve had several people hold the door for me at work, Wawa, etc. (chivalry is such a dying concept *sigh*)

I’ve gotten TONS of compliments lately. About my parenting, my appearance (and man, I’m PMS-ing, so oily, pimply, fat trolls should not be getting those), my son…And seriously people, compliments ARE a good deed. You make someone feel better and those extra good vibes just might mean the difference between a f*cking crappy day and a good one.

Good deeds really aren’t that hard to do, or that time consuming. You don’t have to plan them, just let them happen…spontaneous good deeds are the best!

I’m not going to PLAN to do some good deeds, but I will promise to be more ME and just let them happen. 🙂

(*still giggling at the "good dead" thing*)

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