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19 – Frustrations

oooo…good topic for me.

I have a very LOW frustration level, in that it doesn’t take much to get me frustrated.

I’m frustrated with my [new] job in that it was officially offered to me, but NO indication was given as to WHEN the switch/move would happen. I hate open ended shit.

My lack of ability to keep up with my house is a constant frustration. My house isn’t that big for crying out loud! Too many pets I guess (and I’m a lazy ass).

The cats frustrate me. I’ve got one that pees anywhere he wants, when he’s pissed off. One that pukes about 1-2 hours after she eats. One that’s got long hair and leave TUMBLEWEEDS everywhere. One that is NEEDY. And then there’s Cheetah. He *hates* the 4 in the house, so he stays outside. He’s the bomb, but he gets beat up, regularly, by the neighbor’s cat. One year, I spend $2,000 fixing the damage that SOB did to my poor chi chi 😦

Finances frustrate me. I make good money, but somehow, it never stays in my bank account. Every time I get a leg up, something mildly catastrophic happens. The medical bills in the last two years are killing me (and that’s AFTER health insurance), my water heater went this year, my chimney needed to be re-pointed, lost power for a little over a day, but just long enough to lose everything in the fridge/freezer and stand-up freezer, stand-up freezer went about 3 months later, Cheetah had an eye issue, all the cats need(ed) boosters…it’s endless.

And my ability to juggle all these balls and keep them in the air frustrates me. I keep dropping them. I haven’t dropped them all yet, thank the gods most of them are rubber and will bounce. LOL

My family frustrates me, sometimes my friends frustrate me and sometimes my "honey" frustrates me. He has some of the same juggling issues I do. And it frustrates me not to be able to help him. I shouldn’t help him as he has to fix his issues himself, but oh man! I want him to work faster! LOL

I’m gonna work on it (all my frustrations). I just wish I could figure out where to start…

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