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8 – Friends/Family

I’m a day late, sue me…

Yesterday, Jacob went to the doctor to have his first cast removed, x-rays taken and then cast #2 [walking] put on.  Our appointment was for 11:30.  We got there at 11:06.  Wanna know when we saw his doctor?  2:20!!!  Now, I *know* the wait for the doc is usually a long one, but WTF?!  Ugh, and he was actually IN the room for a grand total of 3 minutes.  And had this visit not been covered by what I’m paying for the actual surgery, it would have cost me $30 for the priviledge of sitting for over 3 hours and being tortured with Playhouse Disney and other inane TV.

Sanity?  I ain’t got none no more.

However, I’m really not that upset.  Jake’s walking now (albeit a tad frustrated at the wobbly gate).  He can shower HIMSELF now.  My life just got a tad easier.  So, I’ll suck up the lost 4 hours.

I also got a chance to help out two friends yesterday.  One had a personal issue that I will most likely need to deal with on Friday.  Can’t go into details as it’s private, but I would rip out my right eye for her, so a little lost time on Friday (or a later date) is not a big deal.

Friend #2, BFA, needed a ride to the hospital for a medical procedure (picked her up last night, had her spend the night at my place and dropped her off this morning).  Again, I’d rip out my left eye for her, so really not a problem.  She was nervous and anxious (and I can’t blame her, I hate medical type crap too), but said she didn’t want me to stay with her.  I still feel bad that I didn’t just say, "well too effin bad, I’m staying".

No, I’m not trying to eek sympathy out of anyone for my hectic life.  Nor am I trying to toot my own "I’m *such* a good friend" horn.  Just sharing my Friends/Family moments.

I’ve been wanting to spend more time with my friends lately, especially BFA, as we don’t get to see each other very often at all, and we only live an hour away from each other.  Truly sad.  And I can only blame myself.  She had extended the invitation for "girls’ nights" on several occasions and I’ve done it probably once or twice in our lifetime.  And it’s NOT because I don’t want to spend time with her.  I do.  We have fun when we’re together.  I’m just so effin tired and locked into my freakin hermit existence, that it doesn’t occur to me to invite HER to do something…ANYTHING.  I must change this.

I want to get out more, spend more time with friends and family (reminder to ask Michelle if she’d like to do the light show with the boys again this year).  And I need to do it OVER AND ABOVE medical necessities, damnit!

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