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I’m so freakin pissed.  Had a whole post done and hit "post" and the fucking bot police shut me down.

I’m not a bot.  However, because I type too fast and use keystroke shortcuts, I got fucked.


Here, I’ll sum up quickly.

Had a good plan to stay current, save and pay off bills early (w/in 10 years, including mortgage, cuz I’m so awesome like that).

Gov’t on the verge of shutdown and could possibly get furloughed.

Even if I don’t get furloughed, I could wind up not getting paid until a budget is passed.

Yay me!

Fuckin’  idiots.

Why do we continue to elect these morons?

7 – Finances

Well, I’m *still* trying to dig myself  out of the financial hole I got myself into a couple of years ago.

Medical bills are sneaky little avalanches!  Between Jake and I, I’m close to drowning in medical debt.

I’m slowly getting a handle on my "regular" debt.  I paid off the braces in September.  Jacob hasn’t even gotten his ON yet, and they’re paid for (no thanks to the Toad, but we won’t go there).

I only have:

  • Car Payment
  • Student Loan
  • Mortgage

If I roll my old Braces payment into the Car Payment, I can have it paid off by xmas next year (instead of July 2012).  The plan is to then roll bot of those payments into my Student Loan.  IF I can do that, I will have that paid off in 2014.  My mortgage company doesn’t do the whole bi-weekly paydown of the mortgage (essentially giving you one extra  mortgage payment per year), so I will just have to try to pay it down little by little.  I wanted to be completely debt-free by the time Gimpy started college, but if I only have my mortgage left, I’ll be quite happy with that.  🙂

I already blew the budget for this last paycheck, but I’m pretty sure I can "fix" it with this paycheck (Friday’s) and STILL be ok for xmas (dinner and gifts).

However, I can NOT keep screwing up.  Time to whip out the envelopes again…

Obviously, Medical Debt is not included in my Snowball, but as long as I pay something on them, they won’t haunt me (too much).

Oh, to win the lottery or have a fairy godmother to help *sigh*

Time for me to be my OWN Fairy Godmother.

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