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23 – Completion

This is something I’m SO not good at…Follow-through.

I’m all gang-busters about starting and working on something, but as soon as it’s down to the tedious finishing crap, I give up. I’d SO much rather hand it off to someone else.

Which is why my kitchen isn’t finished.

And my dining room ceiling has a big hole in it.

and Jacob’s baby book isn’t finished.

And a mess of other things.

I *love* the “accomplished” feeling when I finish something, so why can’t I just FINISH it?!

It’s pathetic.

So, I need to set myself up a completion schedule.

But WHAT do I want to finish? Obviously, the items above. But what else? All kinds of craft things. Several work things (projects I created for myself).

UGH, where to start (another problem I have)? I have a tendency to see EVERYTHING that needs to be done and have a hard time sorting out the crap to get to the necessary (i.e., prioritizing). Maybe that’s why I can’t finish, because the nitty gritty, fine detail for finishing is too broad for me to break down?

Or am I just trying to make excuses?

Fuck it.

This is a holiday weekend, so nothing MAJOR is going to get started or finished, but I will make myself FINISH emptying my dining room of craft items.


That’s my Completion Project for tomorrow. I’ll have other things that I want/need to do this weekend, but that’s gonna have to do for tomorrow.

Other items, should I find myself with time…

empty Granemo in basement

ugh, I really should create a list…but it would be an extension of my to do/cleaning/purging/organizing list…

Oy…this one’s gonna be difficult

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