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2010 Review/2011 Wishes

We interrupt the 31 Days Entries to do a little Reflection on 2010 (and some wishing for 2011)…

Well, 2010 started off pretty well…Jacob got to meet his newest cousin (and hold him!) and I got my braces off.  Oh, that was wonderful.  *happy sigh*  I had even started off doing a DAily Divination…which I truly enjoyed, but eventually feel flat.  I may start that again in the new year, but may not post it.  It’s too difficult to do all the copy and pasting here, and that kind of kills the whole experience for me.  I might keep a hand-written journal (or just post the card/rune but no explanations…it’s just for me anyway).  We had our downers in the beginning too…Jake got lice (ew, ew, ew!) and we found out that he needed orthopedic surgery, on both feet 😦

He had surgery on the left foot.  Immediate recovery was a little rough, but he rebounded pretty quickly and was up and about doing as much as his casts allowed.  Had a nasty spill and wound up breaking his back (L5).  Had a medical scare wtih his heart, that turned out to be nothing (thank the gods!) His wonderful, lovely, awesome pediatrician retired 😦  But we found another wonderful, awesome pediatrician (same practice).  Graduated elementary school and started his summer break.  We enjoyed a week at the beach (thanks to my sister) and got him ready for his newest adventure…Middle School.  We were both apprehensive, but he’s doing extremely well.  Even after having surgery #2 (right foot).  He’s shot up and slimmed down.  Becoming more and more a young man.  While I’m quite proud of the young man that he is [and becoming], I miss my little boy.  😦

I’ve been doing more crafty goodness and my friend and I have a special blog for it.  I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I plan to fix that shortly.  I paid off a bill!  Only 400 million more to go :-/  Read over 30 books this year (go me!).  I started blogging regularly.  And I’ve been hanging out with friends more. 

Needless to say, it was a roller coaster year!

I hope 2011 is a bit quieter.  I hope we see an end to our parade of medical issues (a POSITIVE end).  I hope to wrestle my finances back into line.  I hope to tackle the mess that my house has become.  I hope to be nicer to me in the new year.  I want to lost a significant amount of the 60 pounds I’ve put on in the last 3 years.

My three big wishes for 2011…

Closer to Financial Freedom
Healthy Jen & Jacob

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