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20 – Progress Check (11 – 19)

Oy, let’s see how well I *didn’t* do…

11 – The News/The World Around Me:  I haven’t paid attention much.  I do know that I was told the name of the last soldier killed in Iraq.  I know our guys are on their way home.  But most recently, I learned of the death of a co-worker’s son.  How awful is that??  And just 6 days before xmas?  And with two kids under 10?  My heart aches for them.  😦   </3

12 – Home:  I haven’t done squat since my last update.  Just normal maintenance cleaning.  I don’t even have a tree up yet for the holiday.  Haven’t wrapped a single gift…it’s sad.  I have some mega cleaning to do before Sunday.  Cross your fingers for me!

13 – Successes:  Um, I got the tree upstairs to the living room.  Does that count?  And, I *think* I have all my holiday shopping done.  My back is getting better and I’m slowly getting my cleaning/organizing mojo back.

14 – Spiritual Life:  Still continuing to drop the ball on this one.  Haven’t cracked a book or even scoped out an altar location.  Bad Little Wiccan!

15 – Maintenance:  Again, dropped the ball.  I still need to change the filter on my HVAC system; still need an oil change on my car.  I did, finally, change the shower head in my full bath…I think that’s a plus!

16 – Books/Movies:  Haven’t read anything lately (no motivation).  I do plan to have a Movie Date with my brother, D.  Probably The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  We just have to come up with a day that works for us…still…

17 – 101 in 1001 Progress:  Nothing new to report.

18 – Blessings:  Friends, family and co-workers still top my list 🙂

19 – Frustrations:  well, *I* still top that list.  Along with my son’s sloppiness.  We shall have to work on ourselves.

Again, these Progress Checks seem a little stupid to me.  Gonna have to come up with some new blog topics…

20 – Progress Check (11-19)

Oh wow…um…let’s check

11 – The World Around Me/News:  Well, I *still* haven’t been watching the news.  Or reading the paper.  I have been checking things out on the internet, but mostly, I’ve been worried about my own little world.  House has been flooding with the rains.  Sorry people, but MY world is a little more important to me right now…

12 – Home:  Well, I finally got my living room back.  The Studio is a minor disaster.  The rest of the house is status quo, save the basement which is squishy wet.  Damn it.

13 – Successes:  I can’t remember what I wrote before, but NOW I’m gonna say the progress with the house.  I’ve got tunnel vision right now…

14 – Spiritual Life:  Yeah, still no movement there.  Soon…

15 – Maintenance:  Changed the filter in my heater; made an appointment to have my gutters fixed (they pulled away from the house); have fans and crap going to try to dry out the basement; um…

16 – Books/Movies:  Bought a few books the other day; The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton, for my son, so he can take the library book back…that’s now 3 WEEKS overdue *sigh*); Bullet (Laurel K. Hamilton, HOW did I miss an Anita Blake book???); and Hawkes Harbor (S.E. Hinton) OMG, she wrote a new book! (I read everything I could find of hers when I was 12).  Haven’t seen any new movies, although, I introduced Jake to A River Runs Through It and Stand By Me yesterday 🙂

17 – 101 in 1001 (Progress):  yeah, no additional progress.  Sorry.

18 – Blessings:  STILL my friends, family and neighbors.  Of course, Jake.  I have more angels than should be legal 🙂

19 – Frustrations:  Um, WATER (in my house); finances (but they’re pretty minor); my short attention span (it’s getting worse and worse); my apathy (I’m not depressed, I’m not sad, I just don’t effin care); people (I really need to just go live on a mountain top somewhere)…(ain’t THAT a conflict with loving my house, my neighborhood and 99% of my neighbors)

20 – Progress Check (11-19)

Time to check-in:

11 – The World Around Me/News:  The young teen that was injured in the hit-and-run from March is alert and recovering!  Still has a long road ahead of him, but he’s obviously a fighter!

12:  Home:  Been working on the rooms.  Bought new curtains for three of the rooms.  Even ironed them before I hung them up.  I know!  Weird.  LOL  Still have lots to clean/declutter/sell/toss, but I’m working on it…just wish I could focus on one room at a time, but I have ADD when it comes to cleaning…which does NOT help me follow FlyLady. 😦

13:  Successes:  Still haven’t seen a grade for Jake’s story.  However, it IS Spring Break, so hopefully next week we’ll have a grade!

14:  Spiritual Life:  Yep, still have done nothing.  Been in a funk this week…of course, if I’d re-find my spirituality, I might be able to keep this funk at bay…damn Catch-22’s…

15 – Maintenance:  Haven’t done any of my HOME list; so far, so good on the ME list (although, it’s barely been a week); aaand, haven’t done diddly on the CAR list either.  I suck at this!

16 – Books/Movies:  Haven’t bought any new books.  Have requested the book club book (“Stuck In Neutral”).  Haven’t seen any movies either (although, I *did* watch the last hour of High School Musical 3 on Monday…shhhhh)

17 – 101 in 1001:  Well, let’s see…I only started the retainers (17) last night, but I say it counts :-p; I hung out with friends on Saturday night (11); went for a long walk on Monday night (51); set up an automatic $10/week savings into my ING account (56); got curtains for the craft room (95); not too bad…not crossing anything off yet, as I’m not totally convinced they’re done yet.

18 – Blessings:  Yep, Jake is still my biggest blessing.  🙂

19 – Frustrations:  totally skipped this one.  I’ll go back and add it when I finish the progress check…

And that does it for the check-in.  Tune-in on the 30th for the next episode of  Progress Check

*fade out*

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