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21 – Jacob

My Peanut.

Boy is this kid awesome!  Frustrating and infuriating at times, but awesome.

He’s handling this crappy year WAY better than I am.  Although we started him with a therapist, he seems to be very upbeat and happy.  Having someone to talk to, other than Mom, has made a world of difference. 

He’s doing well in school, despite the bumpy road this year. 

Got his first *real* girlfriend this year.  I love her!  She’s the perfect “first” for him and vice versa.  It’s so cute, he goes to “pick her up” every morning to walk to the bus.  They sit together and she’s the first person he goes looking for when he comes home from his dad’s.  I think *I* will be devastated if this ends.  LOL

He got a great teacher this year.  The Faz is just perfect for him.  She’s the mom-type.  And the nurturing nature she has was perfect for him this year.  She literally told him, to his face, that he was a great kid and could do absolutely no wrong in her eyes.  Then she said the same thing to my friend, JK, who then told me. 

Jacob continues to be my shining beacon in a year of shit.  I know when I need a laugh, he’s there with many.  When I need a hug, his are the best.  He also knows when I need to be alone and doesn’t try to crawl up my ass.  He can’t handle when I cry (feels it’s HIS job to “make it all better”), but it’s because he has a huge, huge heart.

I couldn’t love him more if I tried REALLY, REALLY hard.

I wub him 🙂

22 – The Future

I’m never sure which Future to talk about here.  Not-Too-Distant Future?  Tomorrow Future?  20-Years-From-Now Future?


I believe I used to just talk about what was going to happen between now and the next 22nd…so, I’m going to cop out and do it again.

Bite me.  My blog, my choice.

So, let’s see…

  • Gutter service
  • Beach/Shore (kid’s choice)
  • Dentist
  • School
  • Carpet cleaning

Yeah, my life is uber exciting, isn’t it?  Exciting has it’s place, just not in my day-to-day existence.  I like my routines and semi-predicability.

1 year from now?  I’d like to be actively KILLING my student loans (car should be paid off in 10 months).  Oh, and returning from a REAL vacation.  Somewhere away from here.  Relaxing (for me) and Fun (for Jake). 

Cross your fingers…

21 – Jacob

Let’s see…this was his first full summer with no surgeries hanging over his head.  It was also the first summer he was old enough to be home by himself (which is rather convenient since my aunt died in February).

He played outside; played video games; slept until 10 every day (booger); made huge messes throughout the house and inherited the wonderful, awesome, muscle-building job of mowing the lawn.

That made the mama quite happy 😀 (I hate mowing the lawn).

AND using this summer as a break-in, the neighbors are watching how he does to see how good he is…and then decide whether to hire him next spring/summer!  How awesome is that?!

I can’t believe how much he’s changed in the last year.  About this time last year, he was 5’1″ tall.  This year?  Almost 5’5″.  He’s filled out in the chest and shoulders (I think that might be due to nearly 6 months of crutch use).  He got braces this year.  I discovered that he’s an incredible writer…he just makes his mama proud left and right!  (Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are days I want to sell him to the highest bidder, but lucky for HIM it doesn’t last long).

He’ll be starting 7th grade in just over a week.  How the hell did a 5.5 lb, 18″ little grey alien turn into THIS???


21 – Jacob

Jacob is such an amazing kid!

He spent 5 days at his dad’s during Spring Break.  He could have stayed an extra day, but he missed me and wanted to spend some time with me too 🙂

He, after much frustration and console banging, figured out WHY his PS3 would not connect to the internet (the PS3 “site” itself was down, not our router!)

He knows everything he’s getting from the Easter Bunny and is PATIENTLY waiting for Easter to receive it.  How’s THAT for amazing?!  LOL

Still no grade for his story, but I’m still quite proud of him 😀

He is learning to INITIATE time with his friend, rather than waiting to be invited.  That’s a big deal.

Sadly, he’s also learning who his *real* friends are.  That’s always a hard lesson.

He’s STILL not completely “house-trained”.  As in, he *still* doesn’t pick up after himself.  Hopefully this is a maturity thing and will develop in the next few years…(he was better at it as a little one, however, so I’m not sure how/when this will re-develop in him)

Overall, I’m quite proud of my Jacob.  (I wanted to write “Peanut” or “Little Guy” in there, but he’s neither anymore 😦 “Big Boy” sounds too juvenile too.  “Young Man” doesn’t work either.  I need to come up with a new nickname for him before I slip and call him “Peanut” infront of his friends…again!  :-/)

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