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19 – Frustrations

oh boy, do I have a lot of those!

my finances – I effed myself up shortly after my mom died.  Just couldn’t be arsed to pay bills.  A LOT went very late.

my weight – I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and I hate it.

my lack of planning (meals) – I haven’t even bought all the shit for my Christmas dinner (dumbass)

my lack of time – I need time to get my car looked at (minor stuff, a rattle and an oil change…maybe rear brakes)

my DISorganization – I’m an organization FREAK and my house SO does not reflect that right now (and it’s driving me CRAZY! 8-})

my lack of follow through – my kitchen STILL isn’t finished and I still have to move shit around.  My basement still needs to be refloored and I still need a roofer to come out and fix my roof.  Again, I’m going nuts.

my lack of routines – I have some that I do on auto-pilot, but cleaning hasn’t been one of them lately (nor cooking).  This has GOT to change.

my addiction to facebook/the computer – i can lose HOURS putzing around on the computer (which, of course, exacerbates the rotine and follow-through issues).


19 – Frustrations

I think I mostly covered those in my “Blessings” post LOL

The continued messes in my house are my biggest frustration…

19 – Frustrations

Oooh, what a good one for me, I ALWAYS have those!


I’m frustrated with:

my cat:  hard to find a place to feed her where the other cats won’t try to steal/eat her special food…

my house:  it’s a tip atm and I couldn’t be arsed to do anything about it

myself: I’m tired.  Very, very tired.  I was blaming it on having my cycle and then donating blood, but it’s been almost a week, shouldn’t I have some energy???  Almost feel like I have a fever (I’m FREEZING) but there’s no fever, but when I go to bed, I’m ROASTING!  WTF?

work:  Believe it or not, I don’t really have any frustrations at work!  OMG that’s awesome!!!!

Heh, not too frustrated right now, not bad 🙂

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