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15 – Maintenance

I *still* have to get someone out to my house to fix my roof and my basement floor.  Have no idea HOW I’m going to pay for it (as the insurance estimate was over $8k and they only gave me a little over $4k).

I need to change my heater filter.

I need to change the fridge water filter.

I need to get an oil change in my car.

I need rear brakes for my car.

I need to remember to put the damn tarp in the shed.

And probably the lawn furniture too.

I need to caulk my windows (bought a service for that, have to remember to call).

I need to figure out what’s up with the hot water in my kitchen (it trickles).

I need to “overhaul” my dishwasher.

My heat vents probably need to be cleaned out.

Ugh, I’m getting tired just reading this list!  I HAVE to get the roof fixed.  Have to have to have to!

15 – Maintenance

I think I’m going to just leave this as Home/Auto Maintenance…

  • I will be signing the contract to get my roof fixed on Monday.  Don’t know if that means work starts on Tuesday or what…
  • I *still* need to take my car for an oil change
  • My car needs brakes too (but I will have to hold off as long as I can for that)
  • I still need to get my basement done, but can barely afford to get the roof done.  Will have to beg friends to come over and help me tear up and throw out carpet :-/
  • I need to do some more tweaking on my dishwasher.  Saw a maintenance routine HERE, so will try it out.  (NOTE:  get some CLR!)
  • Need to “fix” the hot water flow in my kitchen.  It trickles and I haven’t a freakin’ clue as to why.  I *think*, maybe? that when the joint was sweat in originally, that some solder gobbed up inside the line and is impeding the volume, because volume everywhere else in the house is fine…and the kitchen sink is the first thing off the water heater!
  • Bought a “coupon” (through Angie’s List) to get my house winterized, so will try to call this week and set that up.  Debating about waiting to do that until after the roof is done…
  • I should probably go thru and clean all the drains in the house (baking soda, vinegar and then HOT water), just to keep them free-flowin…but it’s not a priority.

Hm…maybe I should have made this a check list???



Last week, I went to throw a load of laundry in the dryer (with my BRAND NEW dryer balls, even!) and was met with silence.

OK…COULD mean that the switch wasn’t thrown all the way.  So, I turn it on and off like 4 times.  Crap. 

Hmmm…let’s check the breaker box.



Rather than piss myself off more, I hung my clothes all over my basement and went to bed.

Next day, after work, I take the back off my dryer (where the cord connects) and see THIS

Don’t know if you can see it or not, but the damn terminal strip is MELTED.  The ONLY wire left connected was the neutral/ground.  Holy CRAP!  Good thing it just MELTED and didn’t catch fire.

From previous experience (plug blew once before, but didn’t MELT), I knew I could probably fix it.  It was just a matter of finding the part.  Which I did!  Here.

So, I ordered the part and got it yesterday.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come with the little disconnect tabs that I needed and I figured I should err on the side of caution and buy YET ANOTHER !&%&*$&% power cord.

I am happy to report that my dryer is currently drying a load of clothes and will get ANOTHER load in a few minutes.

I love when I can thumb my nose at “weak woman-itis”.

I am not just a woman, I am a CAPABLE woman and a GODDESS!!!

*cue lightening bolts*

15 – Maintenance

Hmm…This month, I’m going to list my home maintenance needs.

I know I need to replace the filter in my heater/air conditioner.

I need to get a few dry days and caulk around my basement windows.

I need to re-caulk around my bathtub.

I need to call and have my gutters looked at (one is pulling away from the house).

I know there’s more, but I’m feeling crappy today, so I give up right now.  However, I promise to keep adding to the list…

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