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10 – Progress Check (01 – 09)

Let’s see…

01 – Hobbies:  I have created most of my xmas cards (still finishing up and getting The Widget to sign them).  And I’ve even decided on next year’s card and bought supplies!  I will post a picture, shortly, at the other blog.

02 – Things to Improve:  Well, I don’t think I’ve done much at all.  Well, I’ve improved upon my ME time.  Everything else is coming along slowly.  I did chop off all my hair and I LOVE it!  So there’s my improve my appearance 😉

03 – Reflection:  Yeah, this one’s kinda hard to do a Progress Check on.  So, we’ll just skip it.

04 – Health/Fitness:  I’ve been very good about taking my medicine every day, going to my doctor as planned and seeing the chiropractor for my back.  I’ve even been good about not lifting/moving heavy stuff.  Once my back gets a little better, I will increase the fitness deal.  Health-wise, I still need to improve my eating habits…

05 – Upcoming Events:  Again, hard to provide a Progress Check on.  Nothing has been added, but a doc appt, chiro appt and ortho appt have all been done.

06 – Work:  Still working on this.  Have a plan (involves a Work Management Binder and lots of sticky notes).  Plan to hit the ground running on Monday.

07 – Finances:  Well, I finally balanced my checkbook.  Not bad.  Not great, but not bad.  Should have enough to finish xmas shopping and buy food.  That’s a plus.

08 – Family/Friends:  What can I say?  I love them.

09 – Wish List:  I haven’t gotten myself anything on my Wish List.  Heck, I can’t even remember what I put on it and I wrote it yesterday.  maybe that’s the trick to NOT spending money.  Make a list, write it down and then forget about it!  😀

I’m not really feeling these progress updates…may have to make them less frequently or leave them for the end.  But if I do that, I have to come up with more topics to talk about…any suggestions?

10 – Progress Check (01 – 09)

Let’s see, did I get ANYTHING accomplished?

01 – Hobbies:  I haven’t done squat since my mom’s Memorial Service.  Actually, that’s not true, I worked on my Celtic Summer cross stitch project.  I guess it’s about time for an update on that…watch my other blog for an update 😉

02 – Things to Improve:  The only thing I’ve made any progress on is my house.  My kitchen is pretty clean…only a few dishes in the sink and the counters just need a quick wipe-down and then the floors need to be swept and mopped.  Don’t ask about any of the other rooms…or any of the other things on my list :-/

03 – Reflection:  Um, don’t really know how to update that one.  October sucked.  Nothing different to report.

04 – Health/Fitness:  Well, I made an appointment with my doc for tomorrow.  Probably do a comprehensive blood work-up.  Have an appointment with my chiropractor as well (work on my back issues).  I have an appt with my dentist for January and my orthodontist for December.  Haven’t really been doing any exercising, but I have been wearing my pedometer and being slightly amused by the numbers.

05 – Upcoming Events:  Still have two more birthdays, a few parties and a holiday.

06 – Work:  My work ethic is getting better.  Stuff is getting done, but I’m still scatter-brained and need to stop forgetting about stuff. 

07 – Finances:  Well, I got paid today, so we’ll see how they went next month…

08 – Family/Friends:  Family is still floundering.  And I’ll admit that I haven’t been reaching out to them as much as I probably should be :-/  Friends are wonderful.  Offering to help with things; listening; just letting me babble about nothing and everything.  Jacob is doing well with his therapy, but still has his moments.  Gonna be a long road…

09 – Wish List:  Was brainstorming with a friend and came up with a buttload of really expensive stuff that i want…like a router and a jigsaw and a miter saw and a scroll saw and a hammer-drill and a nail gun 😀  Yeah, I’m so not a girly-girl.  LOL

Don’t know how effective the updates are, but maybe they keep me honest…to some degree.

10 – Progress Check (01 – 09)

Okie dokie…here we go!

01 – Hobbies:  Actually got quite a bit going on here.  Still working on CELTIC SUMMER (cross stitch); doing some scrapbooking; making some jewelry AND creating a new STUDIO to do it all in.  Go HERE to check it out 🙂

02 – Things to Improve:  Oy.  Ok, I need to improve my work ethic (at work and at home).  Been rather lax lately.  My time management skills.  My financial fuck ups.  Carving out some ME time.  Scheduling at least ONE summer activity with Jacob and I.  I can’t believe he goes back to school in a few weeks, and we haven’t done anything 😦

03 – Reflection:  July was busy in spurts.  Jake spent a week with his dad, so I, obviously, spent some of that time in a funk (and watching Supernatural on DVD).  Went to the zoo with my brother and his family, my sister and her family and Jake.  We had a nice time.  Did crafting with friends.  Spent money.  Totally forgot to pay a few bills (didn’t spend the money on anything else, just forgot to mail the stupid bills…idiot)

04 – Health/Fitness:  Started a fitness plan (that I can live with and stick to) in late July.  Haven’t missed a day and am quite proud of myself.  Even been cooking (healthier) at home!  Go me!  Still have a long road ahead of me, but I’m happy with what I’m doing and where I’m planning to go.

05 – Upcoming Events:  Let’s see…chiropractor (Jake); orthodontist (me) for new retainer; training classes for work (boo!); my brother’s birthday; pool party with my crafty ladies; and back-to-school.  Whew!  I’m already tired!

06 – Work:  Still enjoying my new home.  Found out my OLD boss is retiring and my CURRENT boss has taken his job.  Cross your fingers that NEW boss will be human.  Chasing my tail a bit with some projects, but all-in-all, I’m very happy.  🙂

07 – Finances:  Yeah, I screwed up again, but not horribly (thank goodness).  Just need to do a bit of juggling and all should be good.  YAY!

08 – Family/Friends:  all are doing pretty well.  I’m still in “hermit-mode” but it’s getting better.  I *do* go hang with the ladies on Friday nights (although, I will admit to only doing it after being badgered from 3 different directions LOL) and I’ve hung with my sister and nephew a  few times (with Jake!)  I WILL get better!  Promise!

09 – Wish List:  Don’t really have anything to add, so that’s good!  LOL

And there ya go, all up-to-date!

10 – Progress Check (01-09)

01 – Hobbies:  I’ve made several pieces of jewelry (and have several more in the queue).  I’ve even sold a pair of earrings!  Go see HERE.

02 – Things to Improve:  Well lately, my finances, my health, my fitness, my attitude, my view of self, my time management skills…

03 – Reflection:  Um, May was bad, let’s just leave it at that.

04 – Health/Fitness:  Yeah, I *really* need to work on this.  Was doing well walking at night with a friend, but when the temperatures get too hot, I just can’t do it.  It’s too hard to breathe, and when you’re already winded cuz you’re fat, that’s just awful.  Working on it.  Got a new plan 😉

05 – Upcoming Events:  last day of school; baseball game; Peanut gets his braces on; friends’ anniversary party; Independence Day

06 – Work:  still going well.  have a few things to “finish” and other things to just keep tabs on, but all-in-all, “I’m winning!”

07 – Finances:  yeah, we discussed this, nothing’s changed since Tuesday, however, I *am* working on it.

08 – Family/Friends:  Status Quo.  Not necessarily a bad thing…

09 – Wish List:  Just did this today, so not much to “progress check” about…

There, I’m now up-to-date!

Enjoy your weekend!

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