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09 – Wish List

Let’s see if I can be serious about this one.  Isn’t a Wish List supposed to be things?  I don’t really want a whole lot of things.  Abstract things, maybe (like good health)…

Here goes nothing…

  • Sleep
  • A back brush (for the shower)
  • St. Ives Mineral Therapy Body Wash
  • A kitchen herb garden
  • a mini lemon tree
  • A cure for cancer, diabetes, alstheimers, etc.
  • Motivation
  • IKEA EXPEDITs for the house
  • A new computer
  • some power tools (router, saws-all, nail gun, circular saw, jig saw)
  • A “gun” for a spray [paint] can
  • 2 gallons of paint for my living room
  • someone to help me clean and organize my house
  • my cat to stop puking
  • Jacob to have a happy xmas
  • Us kids to settle my mother’s estate quickly and with no squabbling
  • to remember to go to Goodwill and drop off all the stuff in my car (that’s been there for 2 weeks)
  • to get the remaining 15 xmas cards finished
  • to mail my xmas cards by Dec. 15 (looking like it might happen)
  • to remember to get a ham for xmas dinner
  • to get Jacob’s room cleaned before xmas (so Marge can sleep there)

Ook, have drawn a blank, so I’m stopping here.

09 – Wish List

Oh goodie, something that I’ve been wracking my brain over for days (because Yule is just around the corner…)

Obviously, GC to any of the following stores:

  • Michael’s
  • JoAnn’s
  • AC Moore
  • IKEA
  • Target
  • The Container Store

I’d like new Cricut cartridges, but I’d need to find my power cords before I could use it *sigh*

I’d like 2 weeks PAID vacation.  so I can sleep

I’d like to be ABLE to sleep

I’d like to go to Ireland, for an extended vacation (preferably PAID as well)

I’d like my house to be clean and organized.

I’d like my finances to take care of themselves (needy bastards)

I’d like my car to fix itself.

I’d like NIZZY to finish my sweater!!!  (Love you!)

I’d like to finish Nizzy’s sweater (I have to rip it out and start over, which is why it’s sitting :-p)

I’d like a kitchen herb garden.  Fresh herbs to cook with?  Heaven!

I’d like to lose 80 pounds (may have to amend that as I haven’t weighed myself in a while)

I’d like to get my effin kitchen finished already!

I’d like to remember to call and have my roof started.

I’d like to be able to get my basement started/finished.

I’d like to clean/organize/purge my utility room.

I’d like to get the broken freezer out for trash.

I’d like to get the old chifferobe from the basement to my living room.

I’d like to get the paint off the chifferobe before I move it.

I *think* I’d like to carpet my house; if not, I’d like to at least refinish all the hardwood floors.

I’d like to get myself organized (I have started this…)

I’d like to get Jacob’s bedroom painted and cleaned and organized.

I’d like to get a new bicycle.

I’d like to get Jake a new bike.

I’d like a mudroom.

I’d like a front porch swing

I’d like for my back to stop hurting and just be fixed already

I’d like to have energy.

There isn’t a whole lot of “buy me” that I want.  It’s mostly pipe dream kinda stuff…but, I’m still counting this entry as “DONE” 😉

09 – Wish List

As always, my wish lists start with:

  • My Studio to be finished (and organized)
  • My basement to be dry, stink-free and clean
  • Lyposuction
  • Jensen Ackles (just kidding, he’s married…damn it)
  • Financial Stability
  • Continued good health (for both the Peanut and Me)
  • A good school year for the Peanut
  • A new (work) boss that I can work with (and don’t hate)
  • Some EXPEDIT bookcases for the living room (and Jake’s room)
  • A landscaper
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan (at least HE’S not married…I think)
  • Summer to be over
  • Motivation to WORK (at home) and get things done
  • Season 6 of Supernatural on DVD
  • A lovely, solitary log cabin in the mountains somewhere; or
  • A quaint little witch’s cabin by the sea so I can escape from PEOPLE for a bit (SO not a “people” person) I shall describe, in detail, my dream get-away…just not today :-p

Ok, this has turned into more of a WHINE list, but whatever.  There ya go.

09 – Wish List

Oh, could this get long…

  • my house to be clean and organized
  • my son to get his room cleaned and organized
  • my son to get the basement cleaned and organized
  • my cat to stop puking
  • to make money making  jewelry
  • to get my scrapbooks more up-to-date
  • a backyard garden (veggie)
  • a backyard garden (flower)
  • a wider driveway
  • french doors off my bedroom onto a deck
  • a finished bathroom

Ok, I got bored and don’t feel like finding and posting links, but there’s several actual THINGS that I want, maybe next month…

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