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07 – Finances

Last Month.

I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t done much in the way of Finance since last month.  Actually, I think the last time I paid a bill was nearly a month ago.  Sad.  And very, very bad!

It’s not that I didn’t have the money.  It’s that I was too effin lazy to sit, balance the checkbook and write checks.  And the fact that I don’t have any stamps to mail them with (and yes, I know I could pay them online…which is looking better and better as time passes…)

But since that time, I’ve started some meds.  These meds are supposed to help me focus and handle my out-of-control depression.  The focus is coming, but not 100% (apparently, on top of depression, I *might* have ADHD, a touch of OCD and social anxiety.  Woo Hoo!  I’m effed up!  :-/)

Like with everything else, I need a To Do List to go along with this effort, so…

  • Create a friggin budget already!
  • Start the Seven Baby Steps and create my Debt Snowball (I have this…somewhere)
  • Go back to the Dave Ramsey envelope system.  (been dragging my feet on this cuz I want “pretty envelopes” that won’t fall apart after a week of use)
  • TRY to get current on my bills (I mostly am…forgot my freakin cable bill and the oil bill last month *sigh*)

Ok, knowing myself the way I do, I think that’s enough to start.

Wish me luck!

07 – Finances

*groan* I hate this topic…

I used to be SO good at keeping everything paid and still have money left.

Lately, I’ve turned into a child with a hole burning in my pocket.

I don’t think I paid a bill (actually writing a check) for the entire month of October.  Well, for the time after my mom died.  If it was an autopay, it got paid (thank goodness), but I just couldn’t sit still long enough to give a shit about balancing my checkbook or paying bills.

I have since fixed that.  Bills are paid and there is money left over.  Go figure.  Not much, but some.

I still need to get smart and figure a budget and STICK TO IT.  I’ve taken a LOT of financial hits in the last few months, hell, the last year or two! (lost a lot of time at work due to mom’s hospital stay, surgery, death and funeral…yeah, my “company” doesn’t do Bereavement Time.  You have to take your own sick time for it.  Oh yeah, Jake had TWO surgeries last year and I had to BORROW sick time – from my future self – in order to take care of him…so, DW has no sick time, therefore, didn’t get paid for all these awesome days off).

Add in that both Jake and I are in therapy, there’s $20-$40/week out the window.  AND, it looks like my therapist may want me to start meds for my spiraling depression.  Oh, and my back is STILL causing issues, so there’s anywhere from $20-$60 ADDITIONAL/week that’s flying out.  *CHA-CHING*

Oooh, and I have a new roof I have to put on (that’s *mostly* covered by insurance, thank goodness) AND a flood-damaged basement to fix.  And possibly convert.

It’s awesome to be me.


But, I’m not allowed to complain because I HAVE a job.  And as of right now, I’m the ONLY ONE in my family who does. 

Double awesome!

So, DW needs to put on her big girl panties and quit her bitchen.  Figure it out.  Fix it.  And stick with it.

07 – Finances

I fucked up. Big time. Excuse me while I figure a way outta this hole.


07 – Finances

I’ve created a budget.  Re-visited the envelope system.  And tried to use cash exclusively.

Thank goodness I had an emergency fund set up.  My car needed to be inspected and FAILED due to motor mounts (now, before you try to give me the whole “are you SURE you needed them?  They like to scam women” speech, I *have* noticed the tell-tale noise and have been ignoring it – you know, turning up the radio?  AND this place is one I go to a lot, they’ve never done me dirty).

I *did* negotiate with them.  I got a whopping $25 chopped off the price, but it’s SOMETHING!  I still need brakes, but they weren’t bad enough to fail me.  Hopefully, this paycheck (or maybe next) I can swing the brakes.

So…not a GREAT financial month, but it didn’t suck.  And I plan for it to get better AND put the money BACK into my emergency fund.  May take a while, but it will happen!

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