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01 – Hobbies

Obviously I totally dropped the ball with November, and I can’t even figure out what could have happened to derail me.  *le sigh*


This month, I need to get my crafty on and make my yearly Christmas Card Ornament.  I like to make my card an ornament because more than likely it will wind up on the tree (maybe even year after year!) and not just be tossed in a box or worse, in the garbage, after the season.

I have just about everything I need for them, except, I can’t find my damn power cord for my Cricut!  I thought it was in the box where I keep my cartridges, but no love.  Now, I had loaned that box to someone else and it’s possible it was taken out or moved.  I’ll have to give my friend a call and see if she remembers seeing it.  Otherwise, I have to see if I can buy a new power cord :-/  Either way, I’m pretty sure I could borrow someone else’s to get done what I need.

I don’t want to describe the cards here, because I have some friends that read my blog and I don’t want to give away the surprise 🙂

The only thing I still need to come up with is the saying for the back.  Will have to do some research 😉

When I finish, you can see the finished project HERE.

Cross your fingers for me!!!

01 – Hobbies

In an effort to TRY to get my life back to normal, I’m going to TRY to do the daily blogging thing (of which, I’ve already failed, but we’ll TRY to ignore that little flub, shall we?)


I haven’t done much in the way of my hobbies lately.  I *did* rearrange and [start to] reorganize my Studio.  I’m not going to re-hash it all here, but you can check out my Crafty Blog for details (and pics!).

I made a few pieces of jewelry for birthday gifts.  Most you’ve seen, but one I forgot to take a picture of, so will have to remedy that.

However, my latest blast of creativity has, believe it or not, revolved around my mother’s death.

My mother donated her body, so we can’t have a funeral.  However, we ARE having a Memorial Service (this Friday).  I just got her ashes back last week.  I found out, after the fact, that it’s a funeral home that handles all the fine details like memorial cards, etc. 

Side Note:  Most of you, who know me, know I’m a *tad* irreverent at times, so, you will not be surprised that I  have been referring to those cards at “Death Trading Cards”.  Must be the influence from my son’s baseball card obsession.

Anyway, I decided to make my own Mom Trading Cards.  She was Catholic (I am NOT), but not practicing, so those preachy, overly religious cards would so not have been her.

So, I made these:

I absolutely love them.  The quotes most definitely reflect my mother and the hands are actually my mom and one of her grandchildren.  We couldn’t have bought anything more fitting or beautiful (if I do say so myself).

Enlargement of Mom's Hand (for detail)

So, obviously, THOSE are the project I am most proud of.

1 – Hobbies

Oh, I have hobbies…I just haven’t “hobbed” lately.

I caught up beading with my Celtic Summer cross stitch and then promptly set it down and ignored it.

My craft room is still in a state of “WTF is going on in here!?”  My old craft room is a disaster.

The sweater I was crocheting for a friend is at a stand-still.  And has been for months.  I may have to rip it out and start over :-/

I haven’t done any scrapbooking since Split Rock.

I’ve been a TV junkie and computer whore for the past few weeks.  I so need to stop that.  I don’t even LIKE TV.  Seriously, I can’t even sit through a full episode of anything without walking away and forgetting it’s on.

Maybe today, after work, I will try to do something in the craft room?  Maybe I’ll at least throw out trash?  We shall see.

But, in the meantime, you can see what I *have* done and what my lovely friend, Nizzy, has done over at our crafty website…

Creatively Motivated.

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