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Playing Catch-Up

Preparations for Hurricane Irene kinda derailed my posting mojo, so I’m just going to do ONE MASSIVE POST to catch everything up (cuz I’m lazy like dat)

So, here we go…

30 Days of Lists

Day 25:  Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now

Ooh, good one!  Believe it or not, I’d rather be home cleaning/organizing (because the place is a friggin wreck!).  I’ve got random lawn crap in my shed that needs to come back out, not to mention windows to un-tape and furniture to put back into place.  Oh and wet basement carpets and crap to deal with.  Yay me!  On second thought, I think I’d rather nap.

Day 26:  Books I’d Like To Read This Year

Wow, that could be SOME list.  I like to read!  I have Sarah’s Key that I borrowed from a friend; a buttload of paranormal/scifi crap to read; whatever Jake has to read for school (I like to be able to discuss it with him); the new S.E. Hinton book I bought (Hawkes Harbor) and then I shall raid my friends’ Goodreads accounts for more books to read.  Books are my crack.  🙂

Day 27:  Lessons Learned

Well, I learned that no matter how much I prep, Hurricane Irene will still win the water battle…however, it wasn’t an onslaught, so maybe I did win that one?  I’ve learned that no matter how much I needle, cajole, yell at and threaten my child, he will STILL not clean his room/basement nor read his books for school (WHERE did this child come from?!  He can’t belong to the OCD Book Monster!)  I’ve learned that no matter how mad I am at said Lazy Book/Messer, he can flash me his cheesy-ass-brace-face smile and I’ll laugh.  Damn it.  And have DEFINITELY learned that I have the best family, friends and neighbors around.  Bar none.

Day 28:  Holidays To Take

Obviously this list is from across the pond somewhere.  Holidays=Vacation.  I haven’t been on one since last year (the 4 weeks I had off for Jake’s surgeries DO NOT COUNT).  I’d like to go to Ireland and live there forever.  I’d LOVE to rent an RV and just drive…pick a direction and go that way…someday…I have friends I’d like to visit in Canada, Germany, England and right here in the US.  I’d like to see San Fran and I know the boy would like to see San Diego (I *heart* SD).  Eh, we’ll see what happens…

Day 29:  Favorite Foods

Go ahead and laugh, but my favorite food is RICE.  Seriously.  I could be happy with a big ole bowl of rice.  Fried rice; white rice, brown rice; long grain, I like it.  It’s my carb of choice.  (I once did a 30 day drawing challenge that had me draw my favorite food.  I drew a strawberry because a bowl of rice was nearly impossible to draw!) I’m not a big meat eater (I do eat it, so I can’t call myself a Veggie Monster), so I can’t say I love a good filet or breast of whatever.  Rice makes my tummy happy.  🙂

Ok, caught up with the “lists” now to catch up on the normal daily shit.

25 – Good Deeds

Um, well, I received some info on new/natural cancer drugs and passed them on to friends.  Shut up, of course that counts as a good deed!  I helped my neighbor strap down yard items for the storm; loaned another neighbor some straps for their yard…damn, I’m drawing a blank now.  I really have to get better at this being an angel thing…I’ve been on the RECEIVING end a little too much lately…

26 – Trying Something New

I actually asked for help!  HA!  Hey, that IS new for me.  Asking for help is not something I’m good at.  I didn’t really try any new foods, however I did create a menu for two weeks, shopped for it and followed it (so far); that’s new!  I made sopapillas and an eclair cake.  Both were good (and I don’t like eclairs).  Guess this is ANOTHER thing I have to work on…

27 – Purging/Cleaning/Organizing

HA!  I did this one!  Well, HAVE been doing this one.  Got most of my old craft room emptied (save some furniture) and have been S-L-O-W-L-Y getting the new one up to speed.  Have been great about keeping the kitchen clean (except the floor.  Don’t get me wrong, I sweep regularly, it’s the whole mopping thing I suck at).  I seriously need to get back on the FlyLady Wagon and just pick a focus each week…my ADD cleaning rituals aren’t cutting it.  I forget what I’m doing halfway to the door!  Bad Jen!

28 – Travel

Haven’t done any lately.  WAS going to go to the beach this passed weekend, but Hurricane Irene did me dirty.  Crabby Bitch.

29 – Relationships

I ain’t got any.  :-p  Well, save for family and friend.  They’re doing well.  I’d like to be more involved with my friends, but I have this terrible obsession with my house right now.  I need to nip that in the bud.  I’ll get my house cleaned, but not at the expense of my personal life.  And that does NOT mean I’m going to start dating again.  Maybe some day, but I’m just not feeling it right now. 

And there ya go, all caught up. 😀

30DoL: Day 24

Day 24:  I Make Lists For…


  • shopping lists
  • To Do Lists/Cleaning
  • fun lists (like 100 things that make me happy)
  • book lists
  • movie lists
  • reminders

You name it, I probably make a list for it.  I’m a very visual person (and tactile), so I need a written list and a pencil/pen to cross off the “dones”.  Mental lists CAN work for me, but like I said, I’m visual, so I need to SEE it, else I forget.

My Native American name is “Brain Like Sieve”.


My friend, Nizzy, wrote about lists on HER blog and now I’m drooling over this new site 1001 Things Before You Die.  *drool* Now I have lists of books, movies, travel destinations…SQUEE!

Now, to decide which one to start in on…I’m thinkin BOOKS!  😀

30DoL: Day 23

Day 23:  Guilty Pleasures

Oooh, good one!

  • Um, the BOOK “Guilty Pleasures” was pretty good.
  • I like to watch the Disney Channel movies.
  • I like to watch Supernatural re-runs (that’s my latest, before that it was Stargate [SG-1 and Atlantis] and before that it was Farscape and Buffy and Angel, you get the idea…)
  • I like childrens’ books.
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy books (and I used to HATE them)
  • Naps
  • romance novels (until they annoy me, then I have to let them go for a while)
  • crafting

Man, now I’m drawing a blank.  I *know* I have more.  Oh well, that’s enough, I guess…


30 Days of Lists: Day 22

Day 22:  Today I Saw…

Lots of water in my basement

A dragonfly in my front yard

My son pay his first library fine *sniff*

Which one do you think was the most exciting?  :-p

30 Days of Lists: Day 21

Day 21:  Things To Do This Fall

Well, I *know* we’re going to the RenFaire in October. 

I’ll have to come up with an awesome Halloween costume (well, 2, one for me, one for Jake).

I’d like to start geocaching and hiking.  I know we have some decent trails around here.

I’d like to start riding my bike again (have to get it fixed first…)

Hopefully some landscaping (whatever I can fit in before the ground gets too hard or I’d be doing more harm than good).

Eh, this is hard.  I’m a bit of a homebody.  I don’t like crowds…and I seriously hate traffic.  As long as weather and finances cooperate, I’m willing to go on some road trips…just NOT to the typical places that everyone else goes.  (for example, this summer, most people RUN for the beach/shore…I go in the opposite direction, to the mountains…)

Oooh, Linvilla!  Apple picking, pumpkin picking, just chillin’ on a farm.  Definitely have to hit that place…

Maybe spend my evenings watching “Fall Ball”?  Jake plans to try out for fall ball…we shall see (it will be his first sport since his surgeries).

Oy, I’m hopeless at this LOL  I think I’ll just wing it and see what happens.  😉

30 Days of Lists: Day 20

Day 20:  Celebrity Crushes

Oh dear god, really?


Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy)

Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)

Colin Farrell

Sam Elliott

Colin Ferguson (Eureka)

Kurt Russell 

Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds)

George Eads (CSI)

Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis)

Ben Browder (Farscape is still one of my fav shows…awesome)

Michael Shanks (Stargate was awesome, I miss it)

Richard Dean Anderson (have love him since MacGuyver)

Oh good lord this one’s hard.  I don’t watch much TV and what I do watch is usually crap that’s syndicated and on DVD (I usually watch an entire series that way), so you’re getting the list of guys from my most recent TV shows (or who I’ve recently seen on movie commercials).

30 Days of Lists: Day 19

Day 19:  Recipes I Want To Try

Idaho Sunrise

Tater Tot Pie

Sopapilla Cheesecake

Graham Cracker Eclair “Cake”

Caramel Topped Shortbread

And believe it or not, I’ve got REAL plans to make a few of them in the next two weeks!  (Seriously, I went food shopping tonight and everything!)

Stay tuned to see how they turned out…


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