Because I can’t remember a conversation for more than 10 nanoseconds, I need to write this down here.

My friend, Nizzy, and I have a craft blog that we share.  We’ve been trying to drum up more readers, so decided to have themes for each day.  However, I can never remember what themes go with what days (obviously, we have yet to start this on the blog), so, I’m writing them down here!

Don’t you feel lucky?!

I know, I’m awesome.  You can thank me later.  😉

Creatively Motivated

Monday:  GRAB BAG (miscellaenous crafts, organizing, photography)


Wednesday:  JEWELRY


Friday:  WIPs

***All the wants, wishes and random topics are whenever***

And there you have it, our blog topics for the week.  Now…to figure out WHEN to start (and WHO’s gunna do it)…I vote for Nizzy.  😉


Comments on: "Why YES, My Indian Name IS “Brain Like Sieve”. Why Do You Ask?" (1)

  1. I think I went. I believe I posted last Wednesday AND it was about Jewelry. *wink*

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