Shopping Frenzy

I went on a shopping frenzy last night!  For those of you new here, I HATE shopping.  I don’t like wandering around the store trying to find what I came in for; can’t stand crowds; hate standing in line…I just hate everything about it.

BUT we had to return the Widget’s video game to Target (his Aunt got him the same game for xmas, so we took the one I got back).  Got him a gift card and he RAN off to find more baseball cards to buy.  I wandered back to the xmas clearance section, looking for a specific type of garland.  No love 😦  But, while wandering (I do love me the office supplies section), I found a metal filing bin so I can do THIS:


from Controling My Chaos

So far, I’ve only got the bin.  Gotta find/modify hanging folders and then decide on a place to put it.  I’ve got all kinds of ideas for my living room, so we’ll see where this winds up.

After Target, we headed over to Staples because I needed a couple of new binders (actually, just bigger binders).  I love these binders.  They’re pretty (colors) and durable (love the rubberized spine and edges).  I use them as “control journals” for home and work.  The work one is new this year.  I used to use this binder, but it started to drive me nuts.  Now I only use that kind for my finances at home (yes, I am a binder junkie…).  Also got some binder tabs and wet erase markers (I laminate pages and use them over and over).

[sorry, wanted to post pics of the binders, but my computer is having a brain-fart, you’ll have to click the links instead].

After Staples, we hit Acme so we could get some cereal and crap.  Nothing we really needed (well, maybe the milk), but the hope is to get the Widget to eat breakfast before school.  So far, so good (meaning he ate this morning).

AND the Widget went back to school today.  Hopefully coughing will be at a minimum.  He’s probably gonna have a shitload of homework tonight.  He better get it all done!  We’re supposed to make Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies tonight!


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