New Year; New Me

I totally hosed the whole blog-every-day thing in the last few days of December.  BUT, I have a valid reason. My son was sick. I mean, sick, sick. We went to the doctor TWICE, that’s how sick.  Started off with the flu (high fever, body aches and cough) and then moved straight to walking pneumonia.  Awesome.


He ran the fever from Wednesday night (102.9) until Monday evening (100.7).  Now, before you try to tell me that 100.7 isn’t really a fever, keep in mind his “normal” is 97.5, so 100.7 is a glassy-eyed fever for him (hell, 99.5 is a glassy-eyed fever for him).  102.9 had him panicked and freezing.  (Hell, *I* was panicked!  I hate fevers :-/)

Anyway, I’ve been busy playing nurse to my sometimes-whiney 12-year old.  I did have time to do laundry (because you don’t have to babysit that); dishes; some Studio de-cluttering (while the Widget slept).  I even cleaned my effin fridge.  (you know, the pull out the shelves and drawers and WASH THEM kind of clean…think I was a tad germ-phobic???)

My ADD and OCD are having a great time with my suddenly manic cleaning frenzy.  My ADD has me bouncing from room to room (because let’s face it, cleaning is BORING!) and my OCD has me organizing/categorizing over and over (because there’s a better way to do it or “ooh, look what this person did, I like it, gotta try it!”) 

I’m mental, get used to it.

I’m TRYING to get my shit together this year.  Which is adding to my manic cleaning frenzy.  Would you believe I CLEANED all FOUR litterboxes?  Seriously cleaned.  It’s a sickness, man!  Seriously, I think I’m cleaning demented.  LOL

I want to do all the normal resolution crap.  Eat better.  Exercise more.  Stop worrying about stupid shit.  Finish what I start (I’m REALLY bad at that one).  Cut down on TV (my brother needs to STOP introducing me to new shows!).  ASK for help when I need it, rather than hurting myself first and THEN asking.  Spend more time with Booger Brain.  MAKE more time for Booger Brain…and myself!  Start giving a shit about ME again.  (I actually did my hair AND make-up today, go me!)

I’m still not “dressing” for work.  I work on gas turbine engines.  NOT conducive to “business attire”.  And there is NO FUCKING WAY I’m wearing a dress.  I *hate* them!  Can you imagine working on an engine, ass in the air, with a skirt on?!  LMAO.  Um, no.  Yoga pants, t-shirts and hoodies work for me.  I can be comfy and still look good, right?! 

Just agree with me, makes life easier 😉

So, there ya go.  Quick update.  Obviously, I’m not going to limit myself with my daily blog topics.  They got seriously boring.  While I do need direction at times, my short attention span does NOT like “same shit, over and over and over”.

Stay tuned…I may get funnier…and more frequent!

(don’t hold your breath…you’ll turn blue, and while Smurfs may be “in” right now, blue is not really a good color if you’re over “four apples high”)


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