28 – Travel

I need to start off with the fact that my Peanut is sick, so I didn’t even THINK about PCO yesterday (well, after I wrote about it).  Cough and low fever.  He’s been quite miserable with the cough (his sides hurt from too much coughing), but his temperment has been wonderful.  Go Peanut!  Feel better, damn it!  We’re supposed to party on Saturday!

Ok, back to my stupid journal topic.  I say stupid, because, let’s face it, I ain’t traveling any time soon. 

As always, my DREAM is to go to Ireland.  NEED. TO. GO.  Someday *sigh*

Jake would like to go to:  North Carolina, any place with a WWII museum, the Baseball Hall of Fame, every baseball stadium in the good ole US of A, California, Pearl Harbor, aaaaand now I’m drawing a blank.

I have to say, I’m not opposed to any of those trips (except maybe the baseball stadiums).  I’ve seen a lot of WWII museums in my work travels (one guy I used to always travel with was way into WWII, so we went to all the WWII museums within driving distance of our install.  I should add “driving distance” to him was any place he could make it to within 4 hours.  We once drove from Mayport, FL to somewhere past Savannah, GA for a museum.  It was a cool museum, but my butt was sore after a while).

I do love to travel, but can’t/don’t for work anymore.  More of a choice, but how do I leave a 12 year old home alone while I fly to California for a week?  The answer?  YOU DON’T!  I choose to be a parent and put my family’s needs first.  So, I don’t travel anymore (which means I go from the uber cool job of working on gas turbine engines to the uber NOT cool job of contract negotiations.  yay me :-/).

All my travels will now have to be family trips, which, I kinda like better than work travel.  ONE of these days, I’d like to have enough vacation time to take him on a road trip to wherever we think we can go in X amount of days.

Remind me to tell you of my cross-country trip with my sister.  THAT was an “adven-cha” 😉


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  1. Local travel definitely counts as travel. I think the short trips are the best. You don’t have to worry about getting tired of figuring out things to do. And by the time people are start to get on your nerves or you run out of money, it’s time to go!

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