Three of my favorite words.

As usual, they center around my house.  Specifically, my studio, my living room and my basement.

My studio is a disaster right now.  Became the stash-and-dash dumping ground for the hellidays.  It wasn’t perfect BEFORE the hellidays, but it was workable.  Now?  I can’t barely walk around in there.  Need to work on PCO in there, badly!  It serves as my crafting room, my office and storage for office/school supplies.  Obviously, I needs some “stationing”.  I plan to work on it.  But not burn myself out in there.

My living room just doesn’t flow.  Been trying to figure out some flow for years (been in the house 7, almost 8 years now).  I’ll probably spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to make it work :-/

My basement is the bane of my existence.  It was a disaster before (was half playroom/half craftroom).  The cats would destroy my craft stuff…either knock stuff over, or even more lovely, pee on projects.  FUN!  not.  Then I moved upstairs to the studio.  I could close the door!  Woo Hoo!  Well, right before I moved, my basement flooded.  In the craft room part of the basement.  :-/  Did a quick stash and dash to throw stuff into the playroom portion (cuz it was dry).  And that’s where everything stayed.  My son hadn’t played down there in almost 2 years (because he couldn’t get down there after his foot surgeries).  It’s STILL a giant trash heap.  AND it smells down there.  With hurting my back (TWICE) and two deaths, I just haven’t been able to get down there to cut up and remove the carpet. 

Wet carpeting/padding smells like a REALLY dirty litterbox.


I need a gas mask and gloves.  And strong backs to carry out the carpet (and move some furniture for me).  I need to call a flooring company to come out and re-carpet (and possibly replace subflooring).  Hell, I still need to get a roofing company out to fix my damn roof!

I think I need to Purge/Clean/Organize my brain before I do anything else…


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