23 – Pets

All kitties are status quo right now.  All relatively healthy (although the little girl still throws up a lot, but it seems to be after she’s scarfed down some dry food.  She eats too fast and up it comes).  I’ve tried giving her plain yogurt with/before her food, but I can’t find plain, full-o-fat yogurt.  She’s itty bitty and I’d like to get some bulk on her.  I will have to buy cream and feed her that (she loves milk).  She’s my problem child, obviously.

Two of the boys, Baby and Flash, are needy, needy babies.  They follow me into the bathroom and INSIST I do some two-fisted petting.  Kind of annoying when you’re not quite awake yet.

Tiger is as aloof a kitty as you’d think.  Occasionally, he’ll come for cuddles and pets, but most of the time he’s off doing his own thing.

Cheetah (Chee Chee) is my indoor/outdoor cat.  He only comes in if he’s VERY cold or VERY wet and even then, he has to be in his own room (usually Jacob’s bedroom).  He is the neighborhood wanderer.  Everyone loves him and everyone feeds him.  And if he’s at my door and we don’t know it, we have neighbors call to let us know Chee Chee wants in 🙂  Of the current menagerie, Chee Chee is the oldest, and at times, the favorite (shhh).  Not much of a cuddler, but loves scratches and belly rubs.

I lubs my babies 😀

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