22 – The Future


The Future could see me either falling flat on my face, financially, or sliding by the skin of my teeth.

We still have to sell my mom’s house (oy vey).  But we have to empty it first (OY VEY).  I haven’t been down to her house since she died.  I’m not afraid, necessarily, but it’ll be hard.  I still can’t believe she’s not here anymore 😦

I’m STILL finding/donating/getting-rid-of my aunt’s things and she’s been gone almost a year now (woah, how the eff did that happen?!?!)

On lighter notes, my son will be 13 this coming year.  An official teenager!  I can’t believe I wrote that!  I specifically remember that I told him that he had to stop at 12!  He’s been a REALLY good kid…I’m both encouraged and afraid for his teen years.  I don’t want to lose my sweet little boy…I just want him to be a sweet/caring teen too.  Dreaming, I know…

I will be 39 this year.  The last of my 30s.  I’m not upset, I just don’t FEEL my age (well, this past year, I’ve felt like 4 times my age).  I LOVE my birthday, so if I have to get a year older to have one, well, it’s a compromise I’m willing to make 😉

Another good thing?  I will have my car paid off this coming year!  Woo Hoo!!!!  One less bill!  Of course, I plan to just roll that payment into my never-ending student loan payment, but the snowball is starting to lose pieces.

As for The Future Future, it’s still WAY unknown to me.  I can plan for the future, but can’t SEE it.  Maybe I’ll win the lottery and be able to retire early.  Or, I’ll have to work until I’m too old and crippled to walk.  Unless you’re clairvoyant, there’s no way to know…


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