Oy, let’s see how well I *didn’t* do…

11 – The News/The World Around Me:  I haven’t paid attention much.  I do know that I was told the name of the last soldier killed in Iraq.  I know our guys are on their way home.  But most recently, I learned of the death of a co-worker’s son.  How awful is that??  And just 6 days before xmas?  And with two kids under 10?  My heart aches for them.  😦   </3

12 – Home:  I haven’t done squat since my last update.  Just normal maintenance cleaning.  I don’t even have a tree up yet for the holiday.  Haven’t wrapped a single gift…it’s sad.  I have some mega cleaning to do before Sunday.  Cross your fingers for me!

13 – Successes:  Um, I got the tree upstairs to the living room.  Does that count?  And, I *think* I have all my holiday shopping done.  My back is getting better and I’m slowly getting my cleaning/organizing mojo back.

14 – Spiritual Life:  Still continuing to drop the ball on this one.  Haven’t cracked a book or even scoped out an altar location.  Bad Little Wiccan!

15 – Maintenance:  Again, dropped the ball.  I still need to change the filter on my HVAC system; still need an oil change on my car.  I did, finally, change the shower head in my full bath…I think that’s a plus!

16 – Books/Movies:  Haven’t read anything lately (no motivation).  I do plan to have a Movie Date with my brother, D.  Probably The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  We just have to come up with a day that works for us…still…

17 – 101 in 1001 Progress:  Nothing new to report.

18 – Blessings:  Friends, family and co-workers still top my list 🙂

19 – Frustrations:  well, *I* still top that list.  Along with my son’s sloppiness.  We shall have to work on ourselves.

Again, these Progress Checks seem a little stupid to me.  Gonna have to come up with some new blog topics…


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