12 – Home

I keep meaning to give you a tour of my incredibly messy home (really hard to believe when I apparently have OCD).  One of these days.  I’d rather show pictures of when it looks good, but maybe embarrassing myself will be the kick-in-the-ass I need to get the damn house in order.

However, we did start on on Jacob’s room last night.  We have a LOOOOOONG way to go, but there was some progress.  There needs to be some furniture swapping and purging, but I’m hoping we can get it all at least company ready, if not perfect by xmas.

I should have taken before pictures.  I’ll try to take pictures tonight to give you an idea of what a slob my child is.  I cleaned my entire downstairs (including sweeping and mopping floors) this weekend.  In just over an hour.  So it’s NOT as bad as I think it is.  It’s cluttered and doesn’t “flow” the way I want it to (so I’m constantly rearranging stuff).  My son comes home from his dad’s and my living room looks like a bomb went off!  How the HELL does that happen?!?!

I’ll try to take some pictures tonight.


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