Let’s see…

01 – Hobbies:  I have created most of my xmas cards (still finishing up and getting The Widget to sign them).  And I’ve even decided on next year’s card and bought supplies!  I will post a picture, shortly, at the other blog.

02 – Things to Improve:  Well, I don’t think I’ve done much at all.  Well, I’ve improved upon my ME time.  Everything else is coming along slowly.  I did chop off all my hair and I LOVE it!  So there’s my improve my appearance 😉

03 – Reflection:  Yeah, this one’s kinda hard to do a Progress Check on.  So, we’ll just skip it.

04 – Health/Fitness:  I’ve been very good about taking my medicine every day, going to my doctor as planned and seeing the chiropractor for my back.  I’ve even been good about not lifting/moving heavy stuff.  Once my back gets a little better, I will increase the fitness deal.  Health-wise, I still need to improve my eating habits…

05 – Upcoming Events:  Again, hard to provide a Progress Check on.  Nothing has been added, but a doc appt, chiro appt and ortho appt have all been done.

06 – Work:  Still working on this.  Have a plan (involves a Work Management Binder and lots of sticky notes).  Plan to hit the ground running on Monday.

07 – Finances:  Well, I finally balanced my checkbook.  Not bad.  Not great, but not bad.  Should have enough to finish xmas shopping and buy food.  That’s a plus.

08 – Family/Friends:  What can I say?  I love them.

09 – Wish List:  I haven’t gotten myself anything on my Wish List.  Heck, I can’t even remember what I put on it and I wrote it yesterday.  maybe that’s the trick to NOT spending money.  Make a list, write it down and then forget about it!  😀

I’m not really feeling these progress updates…may have to make them less frequently or leave them for the end.  But if I do that, I have to come up with more topics to talk about…any suggestions?


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