09 – Wish List

Let’s see if I can be serious about this one.  Isn’t a Wish List supposed to be things?  I don’t really want a whole lot of things.  Abstract things, maybe (like good health)…

Here goes nothing…

  • Sleep
  • A back brush (for the shower)
  • St. Ives Mineral Therapy Body Wash
  • A kitchen herb garden
  • a mini lemon tree
  • A cure for cancer, diabetes, alstheimers, etc.
  • Motivation
  • IKEA EXPEDITs for the house
  • A new computer
  • some power tools (router, saws-all, nail gun, circular saw, jig saw)
  • A “gun” for a spray [paint] can
  • 2 gallons of paint for my living room
  • someone to help me clean and organize my house
  • my cat to stop puking
  • Jacob to have a happy xmas
  • Us kids to settle my mother’s estate quickly and with no squabbling
  • to remember to go to Goodwill and drop off all the stuff in my car (that’s been there for 2 weeks)
  • to get the remaining 15 xmas cards finished
  • to mail my xmas cards by Dec. 15 (looking like it might happen)
  • to remember to get a ham for xmas dinner
  • to get Jacob’s room cleaned before xmas (so Marge can sleep there)

Ook, have drawn a blank, so I’m stopping here.


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