08 – Family/Friends

I don’t know what to say here…


My family is struggling with the loss of my mother and all that is required to settle her estate.  Half of us want to sell the house, the other half don’t.  However, regardless of what any of us want, legally (due to the will) it HAS to be sold.  So, that requires all of us going through EVERYTHING and divvying it, giving it away, trashing it or selling it.  SO not looking forward to that.  My mom had a big house and each of us left stuff when we moved out…LOTS to go through, and I’m sure memories will pop up and slow the process.  And me being me, I don’t know where to start.  Part of me thinks we should go room, by room and another part of me thinks we should each take a room and go from there, but you know there will be objections, fights and tears.

Note to self:  Make sure to take care of all this shit while I’m alive (thru a will/trust) so it’s easier on Jake.  And document everything we’ve done, had to do or are still trying to do, so he has a “book” to help him when the time comes.  I can’t believe there are like zero resources for this kind of thing.  It’s pathetic.


This time of year, there’s lots of friend get togethers and gift giving.  I have 2 pollyannas and one “adopted” family to shop for this holiday.  I enjoy giving gifts, wrapping them, etc.  I just hate shopping for them.  BUT I seriously enjoy the time we all set aside to be together and exchange. 

I really do love my friends.  That whole adage “friends are the family you get to pick” is so true…

I still lean on them (way too much at times) with regard to my mom.  Thank goodness they love me.


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