06 – Work

Work is well, work. 

I wish I didn’t *have* to work, but I don’t hate my job.  I don’t hate getting up and coming into work anymore, which is GREAT.  But, what I do isn’t all that fulfilling or much to do with the degree I spent 8 years and nearly $80,000 to get.  :-/

I hate sales, but thankfully, my only touch with it is to create cost estimates.  Not that they’re all that difficult to do, but BORING!  And the pompous blow-hards that I have to create them for?  Let’s just say there’s been talk of getting a whack-a-mole game and gluing of pictures…

However, the people that I work with (on a daily basis), are FABULOUS.  I *heart* them.  I’ve only been in this new section for just under a year, and it’s been amazing.  They made me feel very welcome from day 1.  When my aunt passed (only one month into my new job), they were so sympathetic and caring.  When my mom passed (just 2 months ago) they were AMAZING.  The support, love and caring were just what I needed.

Just last week, I hurt my back (again :-/) and the gentlemen I work with made sure to leave with me (or have me leave with them) to make sure I got out of the building and to my car ok.  How many people can say that about their co-workers?

My work ethic is still recovering.  Too many years of being very unhappy and being childish and stubborn about getting things done.  I’ve missed my work ethic.  It’s nice to see it again, even if it’s quite shy and likes to hide at times.

So, while I’m not even using the degree I kicked my @$$ for, I’m happy.  And after being here for nearly 11 years, this is the FIRST year I can say that.


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