04 – Health/Fitness

Well, I had tried to start walking more, but life got in the way and then I hurt my back again.  Obviously, if I could lose some weight and strengthen the muscles, my back wouldn’t get hurt so damn much, but sore back keeps me from exercising.  Damn Catch-22.

However, for Fitness THIS month, I plan to:

  • stretch my back every night
  • walk at least 3 nights a week
  • Pick 3 yoga moves that I can easily do (and that will help my back)

For Health, THIS month, I plan to:

  • drink at least 1-8 oz glass of water a day (UGH)
  • cook at home at least 4 nights a week (a balanced meal)
  • try to cut down on the junk food

I don’t expect to have total success, but I hope to have some progress.

Oh, stats: (so not happy with any of them)

  • Current weight:  227 lbs.
  • Waist:  40 in.
  • Hips:  48.5 in.
  • Band size:  38 in.
  • Cup size:  43 in.
  • Bra size:  38DD (holy sh!t)

Let’s hope there’s some noticeable difference next month.


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