02 – Things to Improve

Well, obviously, my posting prowess.

Last Month of:

  • my work-ethic – um, yeah, only marginally better on this
  • my appearance – I had been trying to wear make-up more often, but that died early.  Will try again…
  • my energy levels – still pretty low on reserves, but I *am* [trying to] doing more
  • my finances – um, can we forget I said this one?
  • my food purchases – I was doing well with menu planning, but this last week, I totally hosed
  •  my relationship with Jake – MUCH better!  (Yay!  I did *something*)
  • my “lack of faith” – Was reading my craft books again.  Still have a ways to go with this
  • my home – Um, I had gotten my living room and kitchen cleaned, but hurt my back again, so those rooms suck again
  • my friendships – I’m trying.  Need to do more, but I’m trying…

For this month:

I need to improve my time management skills.  This includes WRITING DOWN ALL APPOINTMENTS.  I have a tendency to forget things if I don’t write them down.  I also need to better manage my time during the day.  There IS enough time to get things done, I just need to stop fooling around as much and, as Nike says, “just do it!”  I plan to do this by being more diligent about writing things down.  I will write them in planner.  Everything.  And I will also add it to my Outlook Calendar.  My phone as well, with reminders. Well, I think I should just stick with writing it down for now.  Ideally, I’d like to have triple (or more) “coverage”, but for now, the planner will have to be my “go to”.

I need to improve my finances.  This one is going to have to STAY on this list until it’s fixed.  Like with time management, there IS enough, I just have to curb the spending and stop “forgetting” stuff.  I plan to do this by creating a budget (again) and going back to the Dave Ramsey Envelope System (again).  I *can* do this!

I need to improve my Home Management Binder/Control Journal.  I had done a good job getting started, and then petered out.  I plan to do this by just making sure all the pertinent information is in it.  Once I have that, I can “make it pretty” later.

I need to improve my health.  Now, I had a check-up at my doctor, and generally, I’m fine (BP is perfect, cholesterol is where it should be, etc.) but I need to lose a lot of weight (like 80 pounds!) and firm things up.  I’m pushing 40.  Stuff isn’t going to be as easy to lose as it used to be.  I plan to do this by continuing to improve my nutrition and start some yoga.  There are a LOT of poses that I just can’t do, but there is a LOT that I can.  Especially for the meditative aspect and the stretching/strengthening of my back.  I will start there.  My back is much better today, but I still have trouble bending over, so I think no jumping, running, etc.  Just stretching and loosening.

I need to improve my commitment issues.  No, I don’t mean relationship commitment.  I really mean my follow-through.  I need to start AND FINISH what I say I’m going to do.  Not “forget about it” or give up once it gets a little difficult/frustrating.  I plan to do this by writing things down and maybe making a “plan” to follow.  If I break things down into smaller steps, I might not feel so overwhelmed/frustrated and FINISH!

I need to improve my ME time.  I need to stop using the computer for this and start using my crafts, books, etc.  I *miss* crafting.  Ideally, I’d like some ME time every day.  Fifteen minutes doesn’t seem like enough, each day, but over the course of a work week, that’s a tad over an hour.  I can always give myself more time over the weekend.  Maybe I can give myself 30 minutes each day?  😀  I plan to do this by SCHEDULING me time.  I think, 8 – 8:30 every weeknight is feasible…I’ll have to keep weekends flexible.

I need to improve my FlyLady game.  Work/clean only during the week so that Saturday and Sunday are play and family days (respectively).  I may not be able to do this any time soon, because there are some areas of my home that need MAJOR help.  Help that only a weekend day (or 12!) can help.  I plan to do this by making a list of EVERYTHING that needs to be done in each room.  I don’t need to cross everything off in record time (although, that’s what I WANT to do), but I can use it as reference for when I’m in those areas.  I believe I started this (somewhere), I’ll just expand upon it and post them in each room (or in my HMB/CJ) so I can refer as needed.

Ok, I know there’s more, but I’m trying NOT to overwhelm myself.


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