01 – Hobbies

Obviously I totally dropped the ball with November, and I can’t even figure out what could have happened to derail me.  *le sigh*


This month, I need to get my crafty on and make my yearly Christmas Card Ornament.  I like to make my card an ornament because more than likely it will wind up on the tree (maybe even year after year!) and not just be tossed in a box or worse, in the garbage, after the season.

I have just about everything I need for them, except, I can’t find my damn power cord for my Cricut!  I thought it was in the box where I keep my cartridges, but no love.  Now, I had loaned that box to someone else and it’s possible it was taken out or moved.  I’ll have to give my friend a call and see if she remembers seeing it.  Otherwise, I have to see if I can buy a new power cord :-/  Either way, I’m pretty sure I could borrow someone else’s to get done what I need.

I don’t want to describe the cards here, because I have some friends that read my blog and I don’t want to give away the surprise 🙂

The only thing I still need to come up with is the saying for the back.  Will have to do some research 😉

When I finish, you can see the finished project HERE.

Cross your fingers for me!!!


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