13 – Successes

Hmm…let’s see how long this list gets…

  • I asked for help, and took it (started therapy 2 weeks ago)
  • Went to doc on Friday and had a comprehensive physical (EKG is good; BP is normal – 120/78; got a flu shot – feel like crap and am running a fever, blah; blood work will be discussed this coming Friday)
  • I got Jacob the help he asked for (therapy) and he’s been doing better
  • I went back and tidied up my kitchen, it’s not perfect, but it’s company-ready (AND I went grocery shopping and 99% of it is away)
  • I did shopping for Food Drives (one for work, one for Jake’s school and one extra just in case).
  • I did a Menu for the week and pretty much only shopped for what I needed
  • All my necessary laundry is caught up (will probably hit the laundry mat for the others, blankets, etc.)
  • Have discussed what is expected/needed to be done every day, with Jake and we have a plan
  • I bought myself some “girly” work shirts, so I’m on my way to giving a shit again (we’ll see how long before that sputters)
  • Moisturized after my shower (it’s on my BBR – FlyLady).  I made my BBR (Before Bed Routine) with everything on it that I WANT to do before bed, but not everything I currently do before bed.  I figure, if I add ONE thing, every week, I’ll eventually have it all and it will be automatic (Plan to do the same with my Morning Routine, After Work Routine and After Dinner Routine).
    • So, that being said, what’s being added this week for each is…MR=make up (not sure if I’ll do my whole face, but I’m gonna try); AWR=I pretty much do everything, but I’ve fallen off the one-load-of-laundry-a-day wagon, so that’s what I will add; ADR=For this one, I’m going to say, do the dishes.  I’m usually hit-or-miss with this, and it has to stop.
  • I’ve re-started FLYLADY
  • I got everything I wanted to get done, today, so I have time to sit and cross stitch and watch The Walking Dead and not feel guilty 🙂
There, I’m now drawing a blank, but I’m quite ok with those Successes.

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