Let’s see, did I get ANYTHING accomplished?

01 – Hobbies:  I haven’t done squat since my mom’s Memorial Service.  Actually, that’s not true, I worked on my Celtic Summer cross stitch project.  I guess it’s about time for an update on that…watch my other blog for an update 😉

02 – Things to Improve:  The only thing I’ve made any progress on is my house.  My kitchen is pretty clean…only a few dishes in the sink and the counters just need a quick wipe-down and then the floors need to be swept and mopped.  Don’t ask about any of the other rooms…or any of the other things on my list :-/

03 – Reflection:  Um, don’t really know how to update that one.  October sucked.  Nothing different to report.

04 – Health/Fitness:  Well, I made an appointment with my doc for tomorrow.  Probably do a comprehensive blood work-up.  Have an appointment with my chiropractor as well (work on my back issues).  I have an appt with my dentist for January and my orthodontist for December.  Haven’t really been doing any exercising, but I have been wearing my pedometer and being slightly amused by the numbers.

05 – Upcoming Events:  Still have two more birthdays, a few parties and a holiday.

06 – Work:  My work ethic is getting better.  Stuff is getting done, but I’m still scatter-brained and need to stop forgetting about stuff. 

07 – Finances:  Well, I got paid today, so we’ll see how they went next month…

08 – Family/Friends:  Family is still floundering.  And I’ll admit that I haven’t been reaching out to them as much as I probably should be :-/  Friends are wonderful.  Offering to help with things; listening; just letting me babble about nothing and everything.  Jacob is doing well with his therapy, but still has his moments.  Gonna be a long road…

09 – Wish List:  Was brainstorming with a friend and came up with a buttload of really expensive stuff that i want…like a router and a jigsaw and a miter saw and a scroll saw and a hammer-drill and a nail gun 😀  Yeah, I’m so not a girly-girl.  LOL

Don’t know how effective the updates are, but maybe they keep me honest…to some degree.


Comments on: "10 – Progress Check (01 – 09)" (1)

  1. Yay! Looks like you’ve made some headway in some areas. Progress reports will give you an better look at the areas where your slacking and maybe from there help you figure more about WHY you are slacking in that area.

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