04 – Health/Fitness

At least thats what I think today is…posting from my new wp for android app…

Mom’s Memorial Service was today, so my mental health is a bit iffy…

However, I have begun counseling and actually taking vitamins, so I’m trying.

I still need to lose like 400 pounds, firm everything up, get a comprehensive check up, get another dental visit in and just take better care of myself in general…I’m working on it.

I think I’m going to start walking again. It was a great outlet and good for physical health too. Now to schedule it into my day…

I did do a comprehensive online test with my insurance company. I plan to use what oit said to make some changes. *MAYBE* I will use this space to keep track of weight loss and other health stats…maybe the humiliation of sharing those numbers will push me to try harder?


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