Not following the rules today

Today’s topic is supposed to be “06 – Work”.  WORK Work is status quo, so I’m gonna talk about the “work” I want to do around my house.

Specifically, the paint-stripping I want to do on an old armoire (chiferobe) I have in the basement.  It was my grandmother’s.  I’ve loved it since I was a kid, but it was promised to my sister.  Somehow, my brother ended up with it and then when I had my baby, and moved to my apartment, it came to me.  And I’m SO not giving it back.

So, I’ve been using it to hold all kinds of craft supplies; from foam shapes to pieces of fabric.

The new plan is to move it to my living room (next to the front door) and make it my Launch Pad. 

Sheer Brilliance!  (seriously, it was my scathingly brilliant idea, from last week).

Sadly, it’s old and a bit beat up.  And some lame-brain had the stupid idea to paint it white…back in the 40s or 50s sometime.  So, it’s a beautiful, dark wood, covered in potentially fatal (read LEAD) paint.

SO gotta fix that.

So, the plan is to strip it and maybe stain it (or simply seal it) and then move it up.  I have some citrus paint stripper and since my basement is going to be re-carpeted anyway, I’m going to strip it where it stands.  Screw it.  The fumes won’t kill me and I’ll put newspaper down to catch the worst of it.

Cross your fingers it’s as easy as I hope it will be AND that I can find a skeleton key to fit the lock (cuz I’d like to be able to lock it when company comes…well, more like when the little heathens in the neighborhood decide to invade :-p).

Stay tuned for Before, During and After pics.  🙂



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