I’m a day late…sue me

21 – Jacob

He started school today.  7th Grade.  How the HELL did that happen??  And true to form, MOMMY wasn’t completely ready for this day.  I think it’s my unconscious denial.  I was scrambling this morning to make sure he had his picture form, his house key, a pen/pencil and some paper.  Mommy is an idiot.  Good thing Jake’s smart. *sigh*

22 – The Future

yeah, still fuzzy on this one.  I know there are some cool trips planned for Jacob this year (school trips).  They’re going WHALE WATCHING in the Spring!  I did that when I was about his age and a freakin blast!  I wish I could go with, but I’m pretty sure they don’t take parent chaperones.  (damn).  He may also go out for sports, which I would totally dig.  Bite me, I *like* being a “soccer mom”.  🙂

23 – Pets

Silly as it sounds, we heard S’mores meow for the first time.  It’s so stinkin cute!  She still has that kitten meow.  She doesn’t make much noise at all, and her little motor isn’t very loud, so purring is only heard if you’re pretty much laying on her.  But she mewed!  So cute!

24 – Me

Hey!  I wore make-up today and did my hurr!  And if you’re good little boys and girls, I might just post a pic to prove it!  :-p

I have fallen off my exercise wagon, but not entirely.  I just jumped into a different wagon.  I’m now walking in the evenings with a friend.  I’ll probably still do the jumping jack, sit-up thing too, but the walking is the BEST for my mental health too.  We use that time to bitch and whine.  And laugh too.  I don’t think we could be in the same zip code and not laugh…

25 – Good Deeds

I want to try to organize a Uniform Swap for my neighborhood.  All the kids go to the same school.  Obviously, they all wear the same uniforms.  I have ONE kid.  What am I supposed to do once he grows out of what he wears?  Pack it in a box and shuffle it around the house?  Screw that!  There are youngins in the neighborhood, why not save their parents some money, if I can?  (don’t freak, I get hand-me-downs for Jake too…I’m just paying it forward, but me being me, need a little structure to it all).  Cross your fingers I can get something going…

26 – Trying Something New

Um, that would be the whole Uniform Swap thing.  I’m not a people person.  But in order to get this to fly, I’d have to solicit the other parents and see if there’s any interest.  OMG, I have to interact???  With other people?!?!?  IRL?  Yikes!  :-p

28 – Travel

None in my foreseeable future.  That’s ok.  I shall try to save for a Road Trip 😀

29 – Relationships

BOOO!  *skip*

There, I is all up to date.  Hmm…I should probably post about Hurricane Irene and Jacob’s first day of school…I shall do that later.  😀

Procrastination is my friend.


Comments on: "30 – Progress Check (21 – 29)" (2)

  1. The uniform swap is a great idea. Chil’ren grow like weeds and that is such a good way to get additional usage out of those expenisve uniforms.

    *evil grin* I so totally enjoy this time of year when children are grumbling about going back to school. I think I get that from my Mother because she used to tease me.

  2. oh me too! One of my favorite commercials is the staples one where the parents are dancing and riding on the carts with “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” playing in the background. Awesome.

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