30DoL: Day 24

Day 24:  I Make Lists For…


  • shopping lists
  • To Do Lists/Cleaning
  • fun lists (like 100 things that make me happy)
  • book lists
  • movie lists
  • reminders

You name it, I probably make a list for it.  I’m a very visual person (and tactile), so I need a written list and a pencil/pen to cross off the “dones”.  Mental lists CAN work for me, but like I said, I’m visual, so I need to SEE it, else I forget.

My Native American name is “Brain Like Sieve”.


My friend, Nizzy, wrote about lists on HER blog and now I’m drooling over this new site 1001 Things Before You Die.  *drool* Now I have lists of books, movies, travel destinations…SQUEE!

Now, to decide which one to start in on…I’m thinkin BOOKS!  😀


Comments on: "30DoL: Day 24" (1)

  1. Sounds like it’s time for another movie night!

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