30 Days of Lists: Day 21

Day 21:  Things To Do This Fall

Well, I *know* we’re going to the RenFaire in October. 

I’ll have to come up with an awesome Halloween costume (well, 2, one for me, one for Jake).

I’d like to start geocaching and hiking.  I know we have some decent trails around here.

I’d like to start riding my bike again (have to get it fixed first…)

Hopefully some landscaping (whatever I can fit in before the ground gets too hard or I’d be doing more harm than good).

Eh, this is hard.  I’m a bit of a homebody.  I don’t like crowds…and I seriously hate traffic.  As long as weather and finances cooperate, I’m willing to go on some road trips…just NOT to the typical places that everyone else goes.  (for example, this summer, most people RUN for the beach/shore…I go in the opposite direction, to the mountains…)

Oooh, Linvilla!  Apple picking, pumpkin picking, just chillin’ on a farm.  Definitely have to hit that place…

Maybe spend my evenings watching “Fall Ball”?  Jake plans to try out for fall ball…we shall see (it will be his first sport since his surgeries).

Oy, I’m hopeless at this LOL  I think I’ll just wing it and see what happens.  😉


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