30 Days of Lists: Day 20

Day 20:  Celebrity Crushes

Oh dear god, really?


Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy)

Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)

Colin Farrell

Sam Elliott

Colin Ferguson (Eureka)

Kurt Russell 

Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds)

George Eads (CSI)

Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis)

Ben Browder (Farscape is still one of my fav shows…awesome)

Michael Shanks (Stargate was awesome, I miss it)

Richard Dean Anderson (have love him since MacGuyver)

Oh good lord this one’s hard.  I don’t watch much TV and what I do watch is usually crap that’s syndicated and on DVD (I usually watch an entire series that way), so you’re getting the list of guys from my most recent TV shows (or who I’ve recently seen on movie commercials).


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