Oh wow…um…let’s check

11 – The World Around Me/News:  Well, I *still* haven’t been watching the news.  Or reading the paper.  I have been checking things out on the internet, but mostly, I’ve been worried about my own little world.  House has been flooding with the rains.  Sorry people, but MY world is a little more important to me right now…

12 – Home:  Well, I finally got my living room back.  The Studio is a minor disaster.  The rest of the house is status quo, save the basement which is squishy wet.  Damn it.

13 – Successes:  I can’t remember what I wrote before, but NOW I’m gonna say the progress with the house.  I’ve got tunnel vision right now…

14 – Spiritual Life:  Yeah, still no movement there.  Soon…

15 – Maintenance:  Changed the filter in my heater; made an appointment to have my gutters fixed (they pulled away from the house); have fans and crap going to try to dry out the basement; um…

16 – Books/Movies:  Bought a few books the other day; The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton, for my son, so he can take the library book back…that’s now 3 WEEKS overdue *sigh*); Bullet (Laurel K. Hamilton, HOW did I miss an Anita Blake book???); and Hawkes Harbor (S.E. Hinton) OMG, she wrote a new book! (I read everything I could find of hers when I was 12).  Haven’t seen any new movies, although, I introduced Jake to A River Runs Through It and Stand By Me yesterday 🙂

17 – 101 in 1001 (Progress):  yeah, no additional progress.  Sorry.

18 – Blessings:  STILL my friends, family and neighbors.  Of course, Jake.  I have more angels than should be legal 🙂

19 – Frustrations:  Um, WATER (in my house); finances (but they’re pretty minor); my short attention span (it’s getting worse and worse); my apathy (I’m not depressed, I’m not sad, I just don’t effin care); people (I really need to just go live on a mountain top somewhere)…(ain’t THAT a conflict with loving my house, my neighborhood and 99% of my neighbors)


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