30 Days of Lists: Day 18

Day 18:  Road Trip Must-Haves


I haven’t been on a road trip in ages.

A CLEAN, fully-gased, RELIABLE vehicle.  If your car isn’t in good working order, clean and fully gased, you’re an idiot.  Personal opinion?  nope.  FACT.

Beverages.  *I* HAVE to have my Lipton Pureleaf Iced Tea, Sweetened.  (Blue label).  I’m picky like that.  And I must have several bottles and they must be COLD.  Your passengers can tell you their personal beverage preferences.

Good tunes.  If I hadn’t KILLED the AUX jack on my radio, I would just plug in my ancient MP3 player and have at it, but alas, I did kill it, so I have to deal with a small book of CDs.  Therefore, I MUST HAVE…

A good navigator.  I have a GPS, so I don’t need someone to read a map for me (and I have a pretty good sense of direction)…so I should probably amend that to “a good co-pilot“.  Usually, this is my son.  He is in charge of tunes, opening my teas for me, handing me snacks and telling me he has to pee about 400 times a trip, or that he’s hungry, which leads me to…

A selection of finger foods.  I have to be able to drive and the Widget has to be able to munch too.

Cash.  I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Camera.  You always run into something that illicits pictures (and hilarity).

Cell phone (and car charger).  I’m addicted to my cell phone and should probably have it surgically attached.  Don’t judge me and my text dependencies!

An emergency kit.  First aid, rations (cuz, with a hoover like the Widget, we’ll run outta food before we make it out of our neighborhood…damn [pre]teen boys), sunscreen, jumper cables, jack, etc.  If all else fails, have emergency numbers on you.  *Note:  remind me to tell you about my geeky Car Planner.  Seriously, I have a “day planner” for my car.  You know you’re jealous.

At least one towel.  Ya never know when you’re gonna get a little wet.  Or, in my case, DRENCHED.  Also, it makes a great steering wheel cover for when you park the car on a HOT day.

**OPTIONAL** A change of clothes.  You know, for when you fall/get pushed in the mud; pee yourself or begin to smell.  Nope.  None of that has EVER happened to me.  Never.  Shut up.

Pillows/Blankets.  Never know when your lazy ass co-pilot is gonna conk out on you or you decide on an impromtu picnic.

Wet wipes.  Face it, people.  Everyone’s a bit of a slob.

Toilet paper/napkins.  Never know when you’re gonna be in a situation where you’re EMPTY.  I’m SO not using my bare hands.

Plastic bags.  I use these as trash bags in the car…I can not STAND when someone uses my backseat or my passenger seat floor as a trash can.  I’ll leave your ass somewhere.

A sense of humor.  Something invariably goes wrong, you make a wrong turn, get momentarily lost or you see cows shitting in field.  A good sense of humor will save your sanity.  Swear.

A sense of adventure.  I’m fond of either not having a REAL destination in mind or finding creative ways to get there (unless I’m under a time constraint, then the GPS is god).

I think that about covers MY list of “Must Haves”. 

I feel a road trip coming on…Summer’s almost over and we haven’t gotten lost yet.  Time to remedy that…

Yo, Jake!  Where ya wanna go?


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