18 – Blessings

Oh, is this one ever good timing…

I’ve been having a bout of bad luck lately.  My basement has decided to start flooding (apparently, it’s been taking on water for a while, but because it’s a false floor and I didn’t use my old craft room much, I didn’t notice (blamed the smell on the cats’ litter boxes).  Sunday, I swear, I had a river coming in my basement window.  I had my son and his best friend outside bailing out the window well, while I was inside with my tiny shop-vac sucking up the water that was coming in at the corners.

Once we got that under control, my neighbor and I ran out to see what we could do to stem the tide…and noticed that the downspout on my gutter was clogged and the gutters had pulled away from the house.

Yay me!


My son ran down and borrowed my other neighbor’s husband (and his ladder).  Seriously, I just wanted to borrow the ladder, but he climbed up the ladder and unclogged my down-spout for me.  Some could argue it was a tad chauvenistic, but I’m afraid of heights and not too keen on sticking my hands into mucky water (or possibly touching slimy things…you should see me when I have to empty the stopper on my sink drain *gags*).  He was my ANGEL that day.

Well, last night, I went down to my basement to do some laundry (other side of the flood area).  There was water on the friggin’ floor!  WTF?!

It was pooled around my heater and my dryer (and oh, so conveniently under my breaker box).  Whip out the handy, dandy shop-vac again and start sucking it up (after I loaded the washer…yes, I can multi-task during a minor disaster, I’m awesome like that ;-))

I get it all sucked up and dump the water in the sink.  Turn around to find ANOTHER FUCKING PUDDLE.

Ok, NOW I’m ticked.

Where the hell is the water coming from???

Turns out my A/C drain line was clogged and the water was spitting out all over the basement floor and pooling inside the filter compartment of my “air box” (it’s the part of my heater where the filter goes…I have forced air heat, so I’m calling it my air box).


Whoever designed and installed the stupid line is an idiot.  However, since I just needed to get it UNCLOGGED I refrained from tearing it apart right that moment and tried to come up with a brilliant idea of how to unclog 90 million feet of PVC.

“Light Bulb” (in my best Gru voice)

I shoved the shop-vac hose over the drain line (the end in the sink) and turned it on. 


It’s still spitting out slimy, nasty goo but at least it’s moving.

During all this, my neighbor’s husband came down (AGAIN) to open the filter door for me (that was the original reason I asked for his help, whoever did it before friggin WELDED the damn thing on.  Not really, they just secured it too tightly and I couldn’t get a good grip, nor did I have enough room to muscle it out).

For good measure, I reversed the hose on my shop-vac (essentially turning it into a shop-blow, LOL) and put it on the capped end of the drain line and tried to blow the goo out from that end too.

Seemed to work, because the house got miraculously cooler by bed-time (I noticed it had been muggy, but chalked it up to HOT, wet weather…dumbass).

Anyway, this long-winded, whiney-ass post was to just say that I am truly, completely blessed to have terrific friends and neighbors. 

Angels DO exist.  They live on my street.

I am a lucky, lucky girl.  🙂


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  1. Well now! We are having one heck of a rainy month and no sir, I don’t like it. At least your fixes seem to be fairly simple to get rid of the water.

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