30 Days of Lists: Day 17

Day 17: Words That Are Hard To Spell

I assume this means words that are hard for ME to spell.  I’m a pretty good speller, it’s just TYPING a few words gets me all wonked up.  (Ha!  How you like DAT phrase?  I just made it up.  Go me! :-D)

I constantly mis-spell my son’s name, Jacob.  I always type “Jacbo”.  Don’t know why, just do.

I screw up my own name sometimes too…maybe because I never used to like my name?  Who knows…

I have a terrible time with acronyms for work (I can type the friggin word “acronym” but screw the actual acronyms up all the time).  And I’m not typing them here because they’re work related and would mean NOTHING to most of you and those of you that DO know them will just nod and laugh, cuz you do it too.  :-p

I always type “work” for “word”.

One word I can’t type or spell (written) is “weird”.  I always want to write it “wierd” and that I *know* is wrong, but “weird” doesn’t look right to me either.

Of course, NOW that I’m put on the spot to share my less than stellar typing/spelling moments, I’m drawing a blank.  (HA!  just typed “black” for “blank” there…considered leaving it, but the OCD Monster in me noticed it and made me change it…however, you can giggle, cuz I still am).

Do you ever have words that you can spell, have spelled them correctly on many occasions, but every now and then draw a complete blank as to how to spell it?  I did that a hundred [just typed that “hunderd”] years ago with “says”.  For the LIFE OF ME I could not remember how to spell it.  So, I just went “sez”.  My sister thought it was “cute” and giggled (I was writing a letter to her, I think I was 8 or 9).  Good lord, wrote “writting” for “writing”!  Shoot me!

Oooh, just thought of a word I have trouble with, “embarrassed”.  Can never remember how many “r’s” and “s’s”.  Drives me batty.  Used to have trouble with “tomorrow”, but I fixed that years ago.

Just remembered I have trouble typing “the” and “with”…they always come out “teh” and “wiht”.  Guess my fingers get ahead of my brain?  (hahahaha, just typed “brian” there LOL…this post is KILLING ME!)

Ok, I give up…I’m screwing up left and right now LOL

What’s YOUR most difficult word?


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