Um, you’d have to go back to these FIVE entries to read the whole list (um, that link is to part 5, just hit “Older Entries” to view the entire list…if you care…since WP wouldn’t let me import the whole darned thing as ONE post when I moved over from LJ).

So far, I’ve been really good at the following:

17 – Clean and maintain retainers on a more regular basis (honestly, have only been good with this for about 2 weeks)

18 – Buy clothes that fit, not sizes I wish did (I don’t buy many clothes anymore, so this is easy LOL)

35 – Go GREEN with my cleaning supplies (have started this…)

42 – Re-find my work ethic.  With my new job (same company, diff dept) my work ethic has been emerging more and more.  Happy Jen = Productive Jen 😉

45 – 100 sit-up/crunches per night and 46 – Add new exercise each month.  I’m combining these because I’ve started a new (to me) exercise program and I’ve been veyr good with it.  I started Level 1 yesterday (started with the “Beginner” 3 weeks ago…each level is 20 days).  I’m happy 🙂

56 – Save $10 per week.  Started this in April (I think) and set it up as an auto-withdrawal from my checking account to one of my various savings accounts.  No brainer, easy to do. 😉

69 – Have a Mommy & Jacob Night every week.  We’ve been pretty good with this one for a few months now.  It’s mostly HIS fault if it doesn’t happen (would rather be out playing with his friends).

77 – Cook at least 4 days a week.  I think I’ve been doing this, for a few weeks now.  The days that I don’t cook are actually “leftover-heat-up-nights” not “let’s-just-order-pizza-nights”

Ok…so that’s about all I’ve done in the last…whatever…since I updated.  Not great, but at least I didn’t drop the ball entirely!  😀


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