16 – Books/Movies

Wow…um, I haven’t really read a book or been to the movies in a while.

Let’s see…

I think the last book I read (well, started reading) was The Temple of the Golden Pavilion.  It was a little slow, but I was beginning to enjoy it.  Sadly, I didn’t finish it before it was due back to the library…nor could I participate in our book club discussion (I had family plans that day).  Maybe SOMEDAY I’ll get it again and finish it.  Sadly, haven’t a clue what the next book is…I’ll have to find that out.

As for movies…I think the last one I saw in the theater was HP7 pt. 2.  I loved it, but am sad the series is over.  Not sure what is out, so I couldn’t tell you what I’m looking forward to seeing. 

So sad, I used to inhale books.  I miss reading…


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