30 Days of Lists: Day 15

Day 15:  On My Shopping List

Um…I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.  (and just for clarification, I say THIS shopping list is in regard to necessities, not wants…that would be my Wish List).

I know I need new filters.

I need to menu plan before I can really list what I need to buy WRT food, but I’m going to try REALLY hard to make a menu and a shopping list and only buy what’s on that…

I know there is probably a LIST of school supplies I’ll need to pick up, but other than your typical, paper, pencils, folders, etc., I won’t know what until after the first week of school.  Hopefully it won’t be poor-house-inducing!

I know I need new sneakers (as does Jake), but that is going to take some juggling.  Obviously, Jake will get his first (he’s got a pretty good pair right now, but I’d like to make sure they still fit him (he’s growing like a WEED). 

I’d also like to get him some orthotic inserts for his shoes.  I know he needs them, but we may start with Dr. Scholl’s ones until I can afford the custom kind.

I know I want to make some of the things on my DIY list, so I’ll need to list those.  I think I will try ONE DIY per month (so I don’t go nuts).  So, I’m thinking I’ll start with the laundry soap.  So, I know I need washing soap and fels naptha…

And, as before, I’m feeling crappy, so I give up (as I have drawn a COMPLETE blank).

Wish me luck!


Comments on: "30 Days of Lists: Day 15" (1)

  1. Ooooo School supply shopping. That was always my favorite time of the school year. Let me know how that laundry soap comes out! That remind me that I need to start with the soap making.

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